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How Much Do CIPD Qualifications Cost in Saudi Arabia?

A CIPD qualification has the power to unlock the next stage in your HR or L&D career.

The cost of a CIPD qualification can vary based on a number of factors, from the level you study to how you study it. We’re here to give you an overview of CIPD qualification costs, so you can decide if one of these prestigious qualifications is right for you.

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The Different Types of CIPD Qualification

There are three levels of CIPD qualification, known as Level 3, Level 5, and Level 7. These levels roughly relate to the experience level of the student, with the higher levels suitable for more experienced HR or L&D practitioners.

  • Level 3 Foundation is ideal for HR or L&D beginners looking for entry-level roles like HR Assistant or Training Practitioner.
  • Level 5 Associate is suited to those with some HR/L&D experience or a degree looking for mid-level roles like HR Manager or L&D Advisor.
  • Level 7 Advanced is set at postgraduate level. It's designed for those with significant HR/L&D experience or an HR degree and prepares you for strategic senior roles like HR Director or L&D Consultant.


How Much Does a CIPD Level 3 Foundation Qualification Cost?

  • The CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate is priced differently based on the mode of delivery. For 100% online courses, the cost is approximately 18,000 SAR, while Live Online (also known as blended) courses are priced at 20,000 SAR. Classroom courses, however, have a cost of roughly 25,000 SAR, depending on the learning provider.


How Much Does a CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Qualification Cost?

  • The CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma is also priced based on the mode of delivery and your chosen provider. For online courses, the cost is approximately 22,000 SAR, while live online courses are priced at 25,000 SAR. For classroom study, you’re look at costs of around 33,000 SAR.


How Much Does a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Qualification Cost?

  • For online courses, the CIPD Level 7 Diploma costs approximately 33,000 SAR, while Live Online courses are priced at around 34,000 SAR. Classroom study has a higher cost of around 42,000 SAR.
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Studying Online or at a College

The mode of study that you choose can also impact the price of your CIPD course. Generally, colleges are more expensive than online courses.

Aside from the price, you should also consider which mode of learning is most suitable for your learning style and other commitments. Learning online can be much more flexible than taking a classroom-based course, which is ideal if you're working full-time or have a family; however, if you'd prefer a more regimented learning style then you may struggle with motivation in a self-led environment.

You can find out more about these methods of studying and how they can impact grades and completion rates by checking out this comparison of online versus classroom learning.

Remember to consider the cost of any textbooks that you’ll be required to buy for a college course. eBooks are supplied with our online CIPD courses at no extra cost, but this may not be the case in a more traditional learning environment.


Additional Costs When Studying CIPD

Throughout the course of your CIPD studies, there will be some additional costs that you’ll want to plan for.


CIPD Membership

To study your course, submit your assignments, and sit any exams you have, you’ll need to have a student membership with the CIPD.

This incurs an annual fee, so if you’re studying a course that lasts longer than a year then you’ll need to pay a renewal fee. In return, you’ll get access to excellent resources, factsheets, and resources that can really help you in your studies.

The annual cost of a student membership with the CIPD is approximately anywhere from 250 SAR to 730 SAR, based on the length of the membership you choose. However, it’s entirely up to you if you want to progress to a full Associate or Chartered membership when you complete your course, with the Associate membership ranging from 410 SAR to 1240 SAR and the Chartered membership sitting between approximately 485 SAR and 1445 SAR. 

Many HR professionals find their membership to be an extremely useful resource, as it allows them to access expert guidance on HR and employment law, attend networking events and local CIPD groups, and continue their professional development.

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Workshop Fees

Some online CIPD providers include workshops as part of their courses. These can be optional, or a mandatory part of the course. The cost of a workshop can vary greatly, as their duration and course content will be set out by the learning provider.



CIPD Payment Options: How to Fund Your CIPD Qualification

If you’d like to enrol on a CIPD qualification, you can take advantage of these funding options to make your course more affordable:


Interest-Free Payment Plans

Some providers, like us, allow you to spread the cost of your CIPD course into manageable monthly instalments. These interest-free payments can also help you to split your membership fees across the duration of your course.

All you need to do is pay a small deposit and you’ll get access to your CIPD course almost instantly.

View all our CIPD courses for full details of our interest-free payment plans.


Employer Funding

If you’d like your employer to fund your course, then we can help. We can invoice your employer directly for your course fees so you can focus on attaining your new qualification.

Check out this blog for helpful templates and tips for asking your boss to cover the cost of training.


CIPD qualifications offer you the opportunity to greatly improve your salary, your career prospects, and your professional capabilities - and with flexible interest-free payment plans to help you spread the cost, they don't have to break the bank.

With the huge benefits it will bring, your CIPD qualification may be the best investment you ever make. 


Find out more about our flexible online CIPD qualifications.


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