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CIPS Student Stories: Sam Pascall | CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate

Sam is currently working in the Procurement Department for Air Atlanta Icelandic and is studying towards his CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply. Read his story here.

The Importance of Ethics in Accounting: Best Practices for Maintaining Standards

Accountants are producing accurate financial statements, while being in possession of very confidential information, so maintaining ethical standards is vitally important in their profession.

Addressing Workplace Bias and Discrimination: Strategies for HR Professionals

1 in 5 people are currently experiencing discrimination in their job roles, which is a harrowing thought. In this blog we discuss strategies that HR professionals can implement to address workplace bias and discrimination at the source, once and for all.

The Four Day Week: The Answer to the UK’s Productivity Slump?

Could the Four Day Week help solve the UK's productivity woes? In this blog, we explore the pros and cons and whether it could solve the productivity crisis.

Exploring Compensation and Benefits: How HR Can Create Competitive Packages

What strategies can HR use to create truly competitive compensation and benefits packages? In this blog, we try to explore some of the most effective tips.

HR and Technology: The Future of People Management

Technology has impacted many industries over the years and the people industry is no exception. In this blog we explore the relationship between technology and human resources and how technological changes have elevated employee and candidate experience.

UCAS Tariff Table 2024: How Many UCAS Points Do I Have?

Find out what UCAS Tariff points are, why they're important and how many you have with our handy 2024 tariff points table.

Top 10 Studying Apps for High School Students 2023

From the ultimate mind maps, to the best digital study planner, these 10 study apps will keep you on top of your study game.

AAT Student Stories: Lindani Malaza | AAT Level 2 &3 Accounting Combined Review

Lindani was looking to gain more practical knowledge in order to expand his accountancy career, so he decided to enrol on an AAT Level 2 &3 Accounting Combined course with ICS Learn.

A Level Resits: The Complete Guide to Retaking A Levels 2024

Didn't get the grades you need for university? Find out everything you need to know about retaking your A Levels with our complete guide.