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About Us

Who we are

International Correspondence Schools (ICS Learn) is the world's most experienced distance learning organisation. We have been a pioneer in teaching skills and qualifications at a distance for over 120 years, giving you the opportunity to learn while earning and to fulfil your ambitions.

Our aim

Our aim is to make learning as accessible as possible, allowing you to get the skills, training and qualifications you want, in a way that lets you decide when, where and how you learn. Whatever your objectives are, we are here to help, support and guide you through your journey.


We offer a wide range of courses for people with different needs, interests and ambitions. So whether you're looking to prepare for university, get a degree, change your career, fulfil a passion or learn something completely new, we will help you get where you want to be.


We work with a large number of professional bodies to provide qualifications that are respected and widely recognised, so what you learn with us matters when it comes to finding a job, improving your skills or getting a qualification. In fact, our qualifications are accredited by awarding bodies and higher education institutions, including Edinburgh Napier University, Edexcel, CIPD and BTEC - to name only a few.


We offer flexible payment options on the majority of our courses that help you spread the cost of your education.

Our partners - your guarantee

Obtaining a new qualification or new skills is only worthwhile if it helps you get where you want to be. The qualifications obtained through distance learning have the same value as the ones obtained via traditional education.


We offer accredited qualifications recognised by employers all over the world, but you get them in the way that suits you. And don't forget that completing a distance learning course proves to employers that you are self-motivated and can manage time effectively.


With over 100 years of experience we work with nationally, and internationally recognised awarding bodies so you can be sure of achieving your ambitions with us.

Learning with experts

When you start learning with us you can be sure of total support throughout your distance learning course. Should you need help at any time during your course, we have a team of advisors, tutors and mentors who have experience in helping students through their courses.


Not only do our tutors, service team and mentors provide assistance to students who encounter problems or just have a question, but you also have access to your Student Community, where you can access support and forums and manage your account to help you fulfil your potential.  You can also keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


We understand that finding the right course is an important decision. Our Course Advisors will help you find the right course at the right price and with the support you need. You can call them free on 0800 056 3983 Monday to Friday or online through live chat. They will be happy to talk you through your options. For some courses, we also offer payment plans so you can pay for your course in instalments, easing the burden on your finances.

Our qualifications

We offer a wide range of flexible courses with a great range of qualifications to fit your goals.

Our courses

We offer a wide range of flexible courses to suit your need. Browse our courses in our A to Z section and find the right one for you.

Our students

Learning something new brings a wide range of benefits. Of course, improving your skills and qualifications can open doors to a better job, further study or fulfilling a passion, but learning provides a number of wider benefits too, creating new interests and a new lease of life. As a result, there's no age limit for learning.


Our students range from 10 years old to over 80 and although they have different interests we have found the right course for them so they can get the result they want.


We believe distance learning is the best way to fit your studies around your life; you can study from home, from work or from anywhere you want. Our students come from all over the world, although the majority of our students are based in the UK, there are no borders when it comes to learning with us.


For more on the history of ICS Learn, click here