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CIPD Student Stories: Rachel Barron | CIPD Level 5 Associate

Rachel Barron

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma

If you're looking to further enhance your career in HR and complete your CIPD Level 5, learn more about Rachel's story below.

I chose ICS due to the course structure, flexibility to manage my own learning, and track record and testimonials from others. Also offered great value.

ICS offers a straightforward approach to learning, giving you lots of options to tailor your course based on what suits your lifestyle and level of experience. 

I did have reservations about feeling isolated, but the forums and support tools really squashed those fears.

My course is interesting, varied, and delivered in plain-English, you don’t feel silly for asking questions and tutors are friendly and approachable.

My qualification will underpin my experience and give me the confidence to deliver best practice in all that I do in my day job.

My plan is to complete my Level 5 Diploma and continue working in an HR role heavily weighted toward recruitment and retention.

Having spent 12 years working in recruitment for agencies I wanted to move into an in-house role and feel more integrated and invested in the company that I was recruiting for.

I interviewed for an in-house role and during the interview the HR Director asked me how I would feel about a potential dual recruitment and HR role. It was inspiring to have someone recognise the transferability of my skills and encourage me to take on something new. I got the job!

That was two years ago and I am now working as part of the small, remote but extremely effective HR team taking the lead on recruitment across the group but also being an on-site HR representative for one of our busiest and most challenging sites.

I wanted to complete my CIPD Level 5 to solidify and underpin my practical experience and understanding and an online course was always going to be top of my list due to the fact that I am a busy mum of two and work full-time.

I have enjoyed every minute and much as it is overwhelming at times, a quick visit to the student forums or re-watching some of the briefings and I’m reassured that I am on track!

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