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CIPD Student Stories: Taj Chelvaiyah | CIPD Level 5 Review

Taj Chelvaiyah

CIPD Level 5

Taj wanted to move into the field of HR but needed the training to do so. That's why he chose to enrol on an online CIPD Level 5 Diploma with us, even securing an HR role before he finishing his qualification. Read more below. 

Since I decided to enrol onto a CIPD Level 5 qualification with ICS Learn in April last year, it has already had a tremendously positive impact on my change in career direction.

Although I am still working towards my qualification, I have already been able to secure an HR role at a global leading insurance company.

I chose to study the CIPD Level 5 course with ICS Learn in order to support my desire to move into the field of HR.

After careful comparison with other learning platforms, ICS Learn stood out to me as the best one available, as I knew people who had done this course and were able to gain successful entry into HR, either like myself during studying, or very quickly after completion. 

"They had good testimonies from students and offered an excellent flexible payment programme which made it accessible."

- Taj Chelvaiyah

At first, I did have a couple of reservations around studying online, especially about tutor support, and not being able to attend physical classes to ask questions about topics. However, I quickly realised with everything that has happened this year so far, online learning is fast becoming more credible, and more popular as it demonstrates to potential employers that you are committed, and self-motivated enough to manage your own time.

ICS Learn also offers good study support, from your own tutor, or even from fellow students!

The course content is well rounded and applicable, providing you with a solid understanding of HR and theory. The tutor support is easy to access, and you can book 1-on-1 appointments or attend webinars with all the relevant content provided in order to complete your modules within the course.

"Even though I'm still working towards my qualification, it has 100% helped me secure my future as an HR professional."

- Taj Chelvaiyah

ICS Learn is a reputable learning platform that many companies recognise, and studying with ICS learn has helped me stand out, and got me into my HR role.

I would definitely recommend studying with ICS learn, if you are self-motivated and passionate about HR and learning, studying here is a great choice.

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