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Will a CIPD Qualification Help You Get a Job in HR?

Complete Guide to HR Strategy: Employment Relations Policies (With Examples)

Actively managing employee relations through policy is one of the key roles of an HR practitioner. In this guide you'll find out how to make this a reality.

Complete Guide to HR Strategy: Recruitment & Talent Management (With Examples)

Recruiting well and managing talent effectively can drastically impact the bottom line. Find out how to implement these factors in your HR strategy here.

Complete Guide to HR Strategy: Total Reward Management (With Examples)

Rewarding employees well is a no-brainer to keep them within your organisation. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of total reward management.

Why You Should Hire an HR Apprentice

Taking on an HR apprentice can drastically improve the face of the workforce; find out why you should be bringing this type of training to your organisation.

6 Examples of HR Gone Wrong

As HR practitioners, we take steps to avoid the worst outcomes from people management. Some companies have experienced this, and we can learn from them.

ICS Real Stories: Carrie-Anne | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

Making the move from Trainer to Senior Learning and Development Specialist prompted Carrie-Anne to study a Level 5 CIPD Diploma to excel in her role.

5 Steps to Calculate and Report Your Organisation's Gender Pay Gap Data

Gender pay gap reporting is mandatory for any organisation with more than 250 employees. Find out how to collate, calculate, and act on gender pay data here.

Complete Guide to HR Strategy: Learning and Talent Development (With Examples)

Learn how to deliver a comprehensive learning and talent strategy here. Create a strategy to help your colleagues to progress and impress the C-suite.

Complete Guide to HR Strategy: Employment Law (With Examples)

Keeping your organisation on the right side of the law is an essential part of your HR strategy. Plan for legal compliance and learn to avoid common pitfalls.

The Business Case for Employee Wellness Programmes

With World Health Day on the way this weekend, we're placing a spotlight on the business case for wellness programmes and their effect in the workplace.