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The Ultimate Work Secret Santa Gift Guide for Colleagues

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be tough even for your closest family and friends, let alone trying to put together a little something for your co-workers at the same time.

This year, however, we’re making this process a simple one for you!

Take a look below at our list of the ultimate Secret Santa gift ideas for every type of colleague. From your favorite work buddy to the one you’re still trying to figure out, we’ve got something for everyone!

Xmas Gift Giving

The Perfect Gift... 

For Your Boss

Figuring out what to gift your boss can be difficult as you don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard, but you also want to gift them something you’ve obviously put a little thought into… Don’t panic though, as it really doesn’t have to be that complicated!

For instance, if you don’t want to break the bank but still want to make an impact, a cheeky mug always tends to do the trick without crossing the line while always being good for a laugh. 

Not certain they’ll see the funny side? Pick something simple and chic that can grace their desk for the next year. 

If you want to go one step further, accompanying that mug with a small box of sweets or their favourite biscuits is always a nice bonus too! 

For Your Work Bestie

Your best work friend - sometimes playfully referred to as your work wife or hubby - should ideally be one of the easier items to buy for those on your gift list.

To this end, you can make this gift a little more personal, perhaps something with reference to one of your many inside jokes, like an office survival kit fully stocked with all the little things you need to outlast the holidays or a simple gift that references something they like.

A small bottle of perfume or a fun Christmas candle are also great gifts. For your work besties who have young children running around, or like to decorate their houses or desks during the festivities, candles that are battery operated with electric LED lights are a great safe option.

Additionally, a festive jumper or bow tie if they’re someone who’s usually filled to the brim with holiday spirit.

We’re also obliged to recommend a bottle of Prosecco (but maybe save that for happy hour).

Life Begins After Coffee

For The Coffee Bandit

We all have this coworker, the one who’s already two coffees and an espresso shot down before lunch.

The best thing about this type of colleague though? They’re typically super easy to buy for. That’s why we recommend getting them what every coffee lover longs for; a box of the world’s finest specialty coffees, all at a great price too!

If the person you have in mind is more into tea than coffee, on the other hand, there’s a festive selection box for that as well! Or you could get creative and gift them a personalised teaspoon for all those days of heavy stirring instead. 

Whatever you decide, these thoughtful gifts will help keep your caffeinated colleague happy and on their toes - and not just because of the java.

For The Foodie

While we all love a good hot lunch or savory snack, there’s always that one coworker who seems to be munching around the clock; at their desk, in the lunchroom, and even while they’re walking the halls.

These types of colleagues are always happy for a bite to eat, whether you’re offering them your leftovers or if you’re passing around a fresh batch of homemade muffins.

So, is it really any surprise that for the foodie in your life we’re going to recommend gifting them something edible?

Personally, we find that a festive gift hamper with a little bit of everything (i.e., chocolate, chili n’ lime peanuts, biscotti, and so on) is always a great choice, especially if the person you’re gifting it to tends to snack on a variety of foods and flavours.

For The One Who Hates Mornings

Most of us struggle with mornings - especially Monday mornings (eugh!) - but we’re betting that there’s one person, in particular, who comes to mind at the office who seems to struggle. Every. Single. Morning.

While this sort of colleague often needs an hour or two before they can even make small talk, it’s a great idea to gift them something useful, practical, and enjoyable for their early morning starts.

Some ideas include a three minute journal, encouraging them to start their day off on the right foot. An insulated coffee to go cup so that they can receive their morning caffeine kick on the way to work or a sleeping mask and nourishing eye cream, for both a great nights kip and no dark under eye bags! 

For The Stationary Enthusiast

From notebooks to pens and a plethora of other office supplies, you don’t have to be a particularly organised person to appreciate stationery.

Those people who like it, however, tend to love it and go through each working day equipped with everything they need to stay on top of their current projects, plans, and tasks. 

So, if you know a colleague with a flair for lined paper, calendars, and planning ahead, then we absolutely recommend gifting them an organiser for the upcoming year, such as those currently on sale at Paperchase.

If they already have an organiser, consider buying them a stationary advent calendar or perhaps a mini desk calendar to jazz up their workspace!

Girl Working Out At Home

For The Fitness Friend

It’s not uncommon to share office space with a few fitness fanatics or those partial to an exercise class or two!

So, what do you get a fitness junkie who already has their gym routine locked down? You help them spice things up with a pair of exercise dice from their Secret Santa to keep things interesting!

While you might be raising an eyebrow at this one, these dice are inexpensive, fun, and a great way to switch up your training routines, HIIT, and other exercises - either at home, the gym, or heck, even in the office!

For The Pet Lover

Anyone with a pet tends to be a pet lover, but there always seems to be that one individual at work who treats their dog, cat, bird, or iguana as one of their own - and it’s fantastic because this is where you can capitalise on their love for their furry (or not so furry) friend.

As is the case with many of us, this type of co-worker is likely sentimental when it comes to their pet. Subsequently, we’d highly recommend gifting them with something they’ll never forget: a customised pet portrait.

You can find these sweet and hilarious portraits on websites like Etsy and Amazon for a great price, slapping Bailey’s adorable mug on the head of a royal, a prisoner, or really anything you want.

Not only is this gift long-lasting, but it will forever be good for a laugh.

Small Plants

For The Green Thumb

These days, it seems that gardening is all the rage. Seriously!

Everywhere you turn there seems to be another friend who’s adopted a new plant or five, and it’s no different when it comes to coworkers who are consistently turning to the same vice to pass the time and spruce up their workspace.

That being said, it’s not a bad idea to give a green gift this year - literally. There are tons of easy-to-care-for house plants that will make a welcome addition to your coworker’s home (or desk) with the added benefit of being low maintenance.

A few examples include:

If you’re not confident in gifting a live plant, however, another option is to buy them a lovely plant mister to keep their little friends happy and hydrated. 

For The Ambiguous One

Without fail, at some point or another, you’re going to end up choosing someone for Secret Santa that you know nothing about. This could be a particularly quiet person on the team, a newbie, or an intern you don’t tend to see very often.

The key here is focusing on buying this colleague something everyone needs!

Think of a set of funky coasters, a festive salt and pepper shaker set, or even a wall calendar.

And if you’re still having doubts? Generic £10 gift card and some sweets!

Having Christmas Lunch

Wrapping Up

We hope this list has you realising how fun - and affordable - gifting for co-workers can be, and that we’ve helped make your Secret Santa gift exchange that much easier and more enjoyable this year - and remember, a great gift is one that comes from the heart.

Quick tip: In an effort to keep things environmentally friendly this year and moving forward, we encourage you to use green materials (i.e., recycled paper for cards, wrapping, etc.) to make the most out of your gifts while also benefiting the environment.

Online shopping websites like Amazon, for example, will mark their products with the Climate Pledge Friendly stamp to highlight products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve our planet.

Happy Holidays!


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