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Addressing Workplace Bias and Discrimination: Strategies for HR Professionals

1 in 5 people are currently experiencing discrimination in their job roles, which is a harrowing thought. In this blog we discuss strategies that HR professionals can implement to address workplace bias and discrimination at the source, once and for all.

HR and Technology: The Future of People Management

Technology has impacted many industries over the years and the people industry is no exception. In this blog we explore the relationship between technology and human resources and how technological changes have elevated employee and candidate experience.

Building a Strong Company Culture: Insights from HR Experts

Building a strong company culture takes time and commitment. Learn more about the journey in this blog, with insights from HR experts and recruiters.

How to Study Effectively for the CIPD Level 3 Certification

Studying effectively is a skill in itself and not one we're often taught. Learn how to study effectively for the CIPD Level 3 Certification in this blog, making sure you're getting off on the right foot!

A Look at HR's Trending Headlines

Find out what is happening in the exciting world of HR as we discuss some of HR's trending headlines...

How to Get a Job in HR

A job in HR can be extremely rewarding for those who enjoy helping organisations thrive. This blog explores different ways in which you enter the profession, whether you're at the beginning of your career or looking to switch professions.

How Much Do CIPD Qualifications Cost in Ireland?

Ever wondered how much it costs to get CIPD qualified in Ireland? Check out this blog for a full understanding of CIPD costs, fees and everything else you need to know.

Office Halloween Inspiration

Spooky season is fast approaching! If you're working in a office and want some inspiration on how to get Halloween ready, then this blog is for you.