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ICS Real Stories: Faye | Online AAT Bookkeeping Review

Faye Dixon found our online AAT Bookkeeping course a simple and flexible way to start her career in finance without giving up her full-time job. 

I knew I wanted to start a career in accountancy and bookkeeping when I started to help out with the books at my current job.

I really enjoyed doing it, so I felt like having a career in this type of work would suit me but never knew how to get into it as I didn’t go to university.

I had great GCSE’s but never went further with my education as at the time I didn’t know what I wanted to for the rest of my life. I’m currently in the process of buying my own house so I knew I couldn’t give up work full-time to attend college or university.

I eventually decided to Google it too see if there was an alternative way of getting into accountancy and bookkeeping, I looked up many other options but came across ICS Learn.

When I discovered that I didn’t need any previous university qualifications or experience in the accountancy profession and that I could do the course within my own pace and there were no strict deadlines I knew this course was for me.

Also, their payment plan was very useful as well and I was very happy to pay the monthly price as other providers prices put me off.

I eventually emailed my course advisor back and asked her quite a lot of questions regarding the course and she came back being very helpful and I knew I wanted to sign up straight away.

I am currently doing my Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and find that there is such a good amount of study support with ICS Learn, as well as the AAT website that you sign up with, whenever I struggle with any topic my course tutor is always an email away for any help which is very useful.

There are also essential skills in Maths and English to complete which was really fun and interesting to do as I left school 8 years ago and it was a great way to get my memory refreshed before I got stuck into my course.

I would like to eventually start a career in finance and I am very happy that I found ICS Learn.

I have already recommended them to a few people who have wanted a change of career and will continue to recommend them to anyone as I find they are a brilliant company who understand the needs of people with normal working lives who may not be able to attend university.


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