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ICS Learn Introduces Live Online CIPD Qualifications

ICS Learn is excited to announce the launch of our new Live Online study method for our globally accredited CIPD Human Resources and Learning & Development courses. 

These new Live Online workshops - or virtual classrooms - offer students the same advantages as traditional in-person classrooms with the added flexibility that 100% online study offers. 

During Live Online sessions - typically scheduled once per unit - students can look forward to the convenience of attending highly immersive and interactive virtual sessions online, from the comfort of their home (or wherever best suits them).

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How Live Online Learning Works 

Our CIPD Live Online courses have been designed for individuals who learn best when they have the opportunity to engage with their peers and instructor directly and who thrive on some additional structure. It’s also great for those who prefer more interactive learning but their location or schedules don’t allow them to join in-person classrooms.

Just like any in-person classroom, however, you need to commit to being available during the scheduled Live Online workshops, ensuring you have a solid internet connection and quiet space to listen, learn and participate.

Workshop dates and times will vary depending on which CIPD qualification you choose and the modules you must complete, however, you will typically choose between several 3-hour midweek sessions or multiple weekend sessions that range from 3 to 7.25-hour sessions.

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Why choose Live Online for your next CIPD qualification? 

Like our On Demand courses, choosing to study Live Online still offers the same level of unlimited and expert tutor support while enabling you to study at your own pace between live-streamed workshops.

Live Online workshops also foster peer-to-peer interaction, ultimately encouraging collaboration and engagement, helping students to feel like they’re part of a community whilst working towards a common goal.

When you choose to study Live Online, you can also look forward to:

  • Our online Induction Programme, Live Induction Session and AI-led videos
  • Accessing your course materials through our brand new 'mystudyspace' platform
  • Setting your own study schedule with our online planners 
  • Gaining access to our Resource Library, full of tools, tips and guidance to enhance your studies
  • Live biannual Employment Law updates to keep you informed
  • Progress badges to help you keep track of your progress at a glance, and
  • Free access to our Career Hub to help you maximise your potential

For more information on our new Live Online CIPD qualifications, contact us today.

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