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Student Stories: Marlon Briscoe | AAT Level 3 Review

Marlon was looking to gain a professional qualification in Accounting to advance his career, which is when he came across our AAT accounting courses.

I am currently working as a Customer Service Advisor in the railway industry. I have been in my current role since 2011. In November 2022 I was looking for an accounting course and I found ICS Learn. My goal is to achieve Level 3 and Level 4 diplomas and I am currently working hard with ICS Learn to achieve my goal.

So far it has not been easy in terms of work-study balance but I find the online study portal and support a big help.

I signed up for the AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting after lots of communication with Nicola who gave me good advice and help me sign up and get started. I am still working towards my qualification whilst working full-time.

I chose ICS Learn because it is easy for me to work and study towards my diploma. My motivation is also to move on to Level 4.

I really love studying with ICS Learn. Everything was made easy for me. The lessons are accessible and the website user friendly. I have easy access and can easily contact my tutor. The classes are clear and concise and easy to understand. The staff are accommodating and friendly.  

The course is really good and there are lots of resources and support available to help you with your studies. There are also video explanations and tutors ready to help and guide you at your disposal, which I appreciate. The extra resources are so helpful I constantly use them when I need to get a better understanding and test my knowledge.  

It is always a challenge to choose to do anything online due to the sheer amount of options and choices but once I researched ICS Learn and talked to the staff I was sure they were the right choice for me and I am happy I chose to study with ICS Learn. They have been brilliant and I definitely recommend them.

I am still studying and hoping to gain my qualification soon. My goal is to continue on to Level 4 and of course, get a job in accounting as soon as I feel I have the necessary skills. I research my target jobs often and I am working towards my goal with ICS Learn at a pace which accommodates my work and study situation.

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