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Emma Farrugia aqa-faculty-logo.png high-faculty-logo.png

ICS Real Stories: Emma Farrugia | Online GCSE English & Maths Review

Emma Farrugia

GCSE English & Maths

Busy mum of twins Emma Farrugia reviews her experience of studying GCSE English and GCSE Maths online and finally achieving an A grade in English.

My name is Emma, I am married and am a 42-year-old mum to twin 7-year-old boys.

I work full time Monday – Friday and like most mums support their children with multiple activities out of school and like to spend as much time as possible with my family.

In 2016 I decided that I wanted two things, to be able to increase my chances of enhancing my career prospects and to be able to support my children through their education.

GCSE’s have changed so much since I sat them the first-time round and I didn’t achieve the grades then that I wanted.

My career has gone well however I realise now the importance of good grades and want to be able to show this to my boys.

English and Maths is embedded into all classes now, so I chose both subjects to re-sit.

Finding the right company and way to study was important as I didn’t have much time to spare and commit to it.

After looking at many local colleges and online companies I chose ICS Learn as it had everything I needed. It gave me the freedom to study as much or as little as I liked and whenever I had the time.

I would mainly study in the evenings when my children were in bed and I missed the odd football training session to get a few hours in too.

Although I signed up to both courses I quickly decided to do one at a time, so I could put all my focus into one subject and still maintain a happy home life/work balance.

My tutor was amazing, the few silly questions I had turned out to not be silly after all and the feedback that was provided every step of the way was motivational, without this I believe I would not have succeeded.

Studying with ICS Learn made it easier as I had a step by step guide to follow and focus me.

In June this year I sat my English exam and achieved a grade A. This was the first A grade I have ever achieved, and I was absolutely thrilled.

I now feel more confident to help my children moving forward and I am re-considering my prospects as I have a grade that will help me move forward within my career.

I will now be sitting my Maths GCSE in 2018 and who knows what might happen after that. I may choose another subject.

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