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ICS Real Stories: Elina | Online AAT Foundation & Advanced Review

Elina Bernane

AAT Level 2 & 3

Our AAT student Elina Bernane reviews her journey to getting AAT qualified while on maternity leave with our AAT Foundation and Advanced Accounting course


AAT has finally given me focus after years of not knowing where my career is going and struggling with post-natal depression in 2015.

The qualifications led to being employed in a medium-level finance role with no previous experience which is very impressive. I have already earned back the money I spent in less than a year.

I worked six years in customer service field and while I was on maternity leave, I did a lot of thinking about what field I would like to move to in future.

I completed few CPD certificates in payroll and bookkeeping and researched on web about what is the best way to study finance online.

I found comments about AAT: “Goodbye job, hello career”. I can now tell that is true with AAT as it is a recognised finance body in all of the UK.

I did research on study providers, as for me it was important to be able to do my studies when it is suitable for me, and compared prices and other students’ feedback.

The first study provider I contacted was ICS Learn and I didn’t go wrong.

My tutor was amazing. I passed my AAT Foundation Certificate in Accountancy two exams in one day, which made me more comfortable to keep going with my studies in AAT.

The communication was easy, my books arrived quickly and their online Student Community is easily understandable.

It is great to be able to study from any device, I didn’t have a PC and studied on my iPad and there were never technical issues with this.

For the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accountancy, I decided to compare with other study providers, but I realised that ICS Learn are the only ones who don’t have a ‘must sell’ attitude and there are no hidden fees.

My payment has been split up into flexible amounts.

I am currently working in the finance field and the AAT certificate absolutely helped to find my first job in finance. I had no previous experience in this field and my first salary is over £18K.

I would definitely recommend to everyone who is not sure, to study AAT with ICS Learn if you prefer visible terms and conditions, flexible payment options, great customer service, no ‘sales pushing’, and being able to to study in your own way, in your own time & place, on your own device.


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