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ICS Real Stories: Dee | Online GCSE English Review

Studying in a classroom was too distracting for Dee Johnson, but after studying IGCSE English Language online with us she managed to pass with an amazing grade 8!


My name is Dee Johnson and I'm a 'mature' ICS Learn student.

I chose to study with ICS Learn because online studies suit my working lifestyle and it allows me to study in my own time in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by my own distractions like TV soaps!

I enjoyed studying with ICS Learn and would definitely, and already have, recommended ICS Learn to others.

Especially if you too would benefit from studying at your own pace and like to study alone.

Before studying with ICS Learn, I attempted an adults evening class at a college and gave up halfway through the year, because the pace of learning was too fast for me and I couldn't keep up.

So, to avoid holding the rest of the class up, I wouldn't ask my tutor questions. I also found myself being distracted by others, which was the greatest problem at secondary school and is the reason I'm in this position today.

Plus, the pressures of my peers doing better than me in class made me doubt myself, and that was what eventually made me leave the college course and turn to online study. 

Initially, when I asked around about online studying for GSCE, I was given negative reviews, such as poor material, lack of tutor support and not being taught at GCSE level.

But because I had already studied with the Open University, I knew that after my experience at the college, online learning was better suited to me.    

Against what some people said, I found studying online with ICS Learn very enjoyable.

The website was easy to access and explore, the online material, lessons, live webchats and assignments absolutely prepared me for my IGCSE exam.

The tutor support was brilliant, the feedback from assignments really helps you to improve on what I had already learned.

The tutors have a quick response in replying to emails and readily answered my questions, which helped my studying and understanding of my English Language IGCSE course.

I'm happy to report that I received an 8! I exceeded my own expectations!

Now I have my BA Honours and my English GCSE, next I need to pass my Biology and Maths GCSE next year, in the hope to continue my path to QTS.


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