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ICS Real Stories: Chantelle | Online AAT Level 2 Review

Chantelle Stamp

AAT Level 2

Studying our AAT Foundation Certificate course online allowed Chantelle Stamp to get AAT-qualified whilst working full-time and still having time for hobbies.  


I chose to study Level 2 in Accounting so I could understand more about bookkeeping for my business and I wanted a qualification to be able to work from home if I ever have children.

My current degree is in Podiatry but it’s not flexible enough for my plans and working in the NHS can be really stressful.

I decided to study with ICS Learn because I could work home learning around my full-time job and hobbies. Also, they had a great deal on at the time which helped me afford the course.

I was a bit apprehensive because I have never been great at studying by myself, but I have pushed myself and got through my exams.

The learning resources are good and really help for exam preparation. The books are useful and easy to read.

I did use the AAT website and AAT membership was included in the price. Their mock exams and study tips are really helpful. It is nice to have a couple of options of study information, so I could compare notes to double check I was on the right path.

I haven’t needed the tutor much on the course, but they do reply quickly to any queries. I did use the student forum to see if anyone had asked questions so that if I was not sure about anything I could find the answer and speak to other students.

It was hard at the start to get into the course but once I gained more experience on the system, it was really easy.

The best thing is to follow their study plan as much as possible. Due to family issues I had to add another couple of months on to the 12 months but was easy and cheap to do.

I would recommend ICS Learn for those who are looking to change career, want to study something new or want to add another qualification to their CV.

I have really enjoyed the course though at times it was stressful to keep on top of it with a full-time job.

I do intend on doing another course with ICS Learn because it has been nice to get back into studying and I have had a good experience.


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