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Online Learning vs. Classroom Learning

By Louise Reilly on 4 Jul 2019 Online and classroom based education have a number of key differences. Join us to find out how this could impact the learning experience for you and your staff. Read More

Hints and Tips for Advertising an Apprenticeship Role

By Louise Reilly on 20 Jun 2019 Are you ready to advertise an apprenticeship role? We’ve got all of the useful hints and tips you need to pique the interest of your ideal candidate. Read More

8 Key Steps for Successful Talent Planning

By Louise Reilly on 13 Jun 2019 Utilising correct talent planning is a key component for a dazzling HR strategy. We have 8 key steps to familiarise you with this effective process here. Read More

5 Things to Look for When Recruiting an L&D Professional

By Louise Reilly on 6 Jun 2019 If you’re looking to bring an L&D professional into your organisation, then we’re here to tell you about the traits you should be looking for. Find out more. Read More

10 Ways to Build a World-Class Marketing Team

By Louise Reilly on 5 Jun 2019 Your marketing team are the gateway to a new audience, which can drastically boost your ROI. Find out how to build the best team possible here. Read More

10 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Manager

By Louise Reilly on 3 Jun 2019 Bringing in a new manager is a huge responsibility, as they have a profound impact on their colleagues. Find out what you should ask management candidates. Read More

5 Apprenticeship Myths Busted!

By Louise Reilly on 3 Jun 2019 Are you guilty of believing these apprenticeship myths? We’re here to sort the facts from the fiction in this informative article; find out more here. Read More

6 Steps to Reducing Staff Turnover

By Louise Reilly on 31 May 2019 A high staff turnover can indicate an organisational issue that should be addressed! Learn how to reduce staff turnover in six simple steps here. Read More

How to Book Your GCSE and IGCSE Exams

By Kirsty Chalmers on 29 May 2019 Don't get stressed about booking your GCSE and IGCSE exams! Our guide will answer your questions and help you get organised. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Kishore | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

By ICS Learn on 29 May 2019 Our international student Kishore found that our online CIPD Level 5 Diploma helped him reinforce practices he introduced in his HR role in Oman. Read More