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What to Include in a Job Description for an HR Apprentice

By Louise Reilly on 14 Oct 2019 Bring the right person into your business as an HR apprentice. Follow this guide to learn what you should include in that all-important job description. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Kayleigh | CIPD Level 5 Review

By ICS Learn on 14 Oct 2019 To aid her development and awareness of ethics in her role as an HR advisor at Audit Scotland, Kayleigh undertook our CIPD Level 5 Diploma. Read More

6 Examples of HR Gone Wrong

By Louise Reilly on 11 Oct 2019 As HR practitioners, we take steps to avoid the worst outcomes from people management. Some companies have experienced this, and we can learn from them. Read More

How to Look After Your Mental Health as a Student

By Kirsty Chalmers on 10 Oct 2019 If you’re struggling with your mental health whilst studying, you’re not alone. Here are some small things you can try to avoid suffering in silence. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Fern | Online AAT Foundation Certificate Review

By ICS Learn on 9 Oct 2019 Keen to start a new career, Fern studied our online AAT Foundation Certificate and has now passed with distinction and progressed to the Advanced Diploma! Read More

4 Tips to Make Data-Driven HR Practices the Norm

By Louise Reilly on 8 Oct 2019 Data-driven HR practices can transform HR’s perception within your organisation. Find out how to implement this thinking within your function. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Bernadette | CIPD Level 7 Review

By ICS Learn on 7 Oct 2019 Recent graduate Bernadette enrolled on our CIPD Level 7 course to gain new knowledge and enhance her skills as a Human Resources Officer. Read More

The Top 10 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow This Year

By Louise Reilly on 7 Oct 2019 Use these blogs to keep up to date with the marketing profession. Get started reading with these top recommendations. Read More

People Analytics: Which HR Metrics Matter the Most?

By Louise Reilly on 4 Oct 2019 Using analytics in HR is a hot topic, but where do you begin to collect this data? Start with these metrics to gain an understanding of your people. Read More

The 5 Biggest Employment Law Changes of 2019

By Louise Reilly on 3 Oct 2019 Have you been keeping up to date with the employment law changes? Ensure that you're giving the right legal advice to your employer by reading these updates. Read More