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CIPD Student Stories: Weronika Ridley | CIPD Level 5 Review

After some encouragement from her HR manager, Weronika decided to enrol on a CIPD Level 5 Diploma to advance her blossoming career. Here's how she got on.

I love studying. I always have done. I always look for ways to expand my knowledge and upgrade my skills through learning. 

I've been working in the manufacturing sector for over 12 years, and I've had different roles over the years and enjoyed all of them. However, recently, I have started helping my HR manager a lot and it was actually her suggestion to look at some HR courses that I could do. 

I never thought about working in HR as an HR Advisor or a Manager as my mind was set on staff training and development. I understood that this was a part of HR but in our workplace, it was always down to the managers and supervisors to make sure the employees were trained.

We never had (until now) a department responsible for training and staff development. This has changed recently after I was offered a new position as a Continuous Improvement Manager/Site Trainer. But before this happened, I decided to enrol. 

Finding the right course was not difficult. The only decision I had to make was between enrolling for HR or L&D. After a discussion with my HR Manager, I concluded that I should start with HRM first and then if I liked it, I could do a Certificate or even a Diploma in L&D.

I've looked at different providers and ICS Learn seemed like the best choice for me. Although I work well with deadlines, I knew that my work schedule could prevent me from reaching them. Therefore, choosing ICS Learn was the right decision.

I have always studied through online learning, and I knew that this was the best way to gain another qualification.  

Although it took me a fair amount of time to learn how to navigate through ICS Learn platform, I think it was pretty clearly laid out. As with everything, it takes time to figure new things out.

I decided to enrol on Level 5 qualification in HR. The main reason why I did not want to do a Diploma was the fact that I wanted to move towards an L&D career path, rather than HRM. Therefore, I think that my choice was the right one and it was enough for what I was achieving by helping my HR Manager. 

I have enjoyed all of the modules but the DVP and UIN were my favourite ones. I know a lot of people struggled with UIN especially, but it was fun and new. I have never done a formal report with a literature review before, and I have found it challenging and fulfilling at the same time.

All of the modules were well structured, and the online material was definitely professionally written and explained. There was loads of information.

This plus the two books we were suggested to use was definitely enough to help you pass the course. The online classrooms for each unit were great, however, I found that some were done better than the others in terms of explanation of the unit and assessment criteria.

I have never had to use tutor support as such. I think the only interaction I had with my tutor was when they marked my assessment. There is a reason behind it – I'm the kind of student who just gets on with it and does it. However, the feedback was great for each of my assessments; a clear explanation of what I had done well, what I could have added, and further development points were also given. All of this helped me get my qualification. 

Once I passed it and received my qualification, I could not wait to share it with everyone, especially work!! I was proud of myself! Soon after I gained new qualification and enrolled on another course I was promoted to a CIM/Site Trainer, with the main focus on staff development, training, coaching and mentoring. I still help my HR Manager, because due to the Covid-19 situation she has her hands full.  

My ultimate goal is to become a tutor for CIPD. Yes, I know it is a big one, but everything is possible. Recently I have joined one of the CIPD providers as their Marker/Assessor and I am loving it! I hope that in time I will be able to progress further and become a tutor. 

I have spent the last year and a half helping students pass their qualifications by registering myself as a tutor with First Tutors and Superprof and providing feedback and Zoom tutorials on their qualifications. I love to see their faces when all of the sudden they get the ‘lightbulb moment’!

I never tell them what to write but guide them to figuring out their answers! It's one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. It's the same when I am at work and I train someone or coach them. When I see that they succeed, become more confident, and feel good about themselves – then I know I have done it right. 

ICS Learn gave me a chance to further develop my skills and knowledge. At work, I know how to align the business strategy with the people factor and how to improve it.

I have also learned a lot about Employment Law and its use in the workplace. This has boosted my confidence when dealing with disciplinaries or grievances as well as with performance issues.  

I'm 100% sure that I will be back studying L&D with ICS Learn, it's just a matter of time. I would recommend studying with them to anyone who is thinking about starting their own path in HR or L&D or any other qualification that ICS Learn provides. I don't think they'll disappoint you.

If you have a busy schedule ICS Learn is definitely for you!! 


Inspired by Weronika's story? Develop your HR career by studying a 100% online professional CIPD qualification today. 


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