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CIPD Student Stories: Tolgon Ai | CIPD Level 5 Review

Tolgon Ai

CIPD Level 5

Tolgon Ai has been combining full-time work with online learning over lockdown, taking a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources Management.

My name is Tolgon Ai Ishenbek kyzy and my current job title is Assistant Learning Manager at Hyatt Regency Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

In lights of pandemic, I combine working remotely and studying CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources Management with ICS Learn.

I have decided to gain an international Human Resources Management (HRM) qualification last year on my professional trip in order to enlarge my professional skills.

I have chosen HRM as I want to develop and balance both HRM and L&D fields in evolving world. As I have a sufficient experience and knowledge in L&D, I felt that some HR expertise in reward management and employment law will benefit my career progression therefore I have chosen HRM qualification.

Gaining theoretical knowledge and applying it on practice was my goal so I have decided to go with ICS.

I am placed in the wonderful country Kyrgyzstan located in the heart of Central Asia and therefore was searching for online studies and having learned about CIPD, I did not have any hesitation.

Studying in light of pandemic required self-discipline and time management; however I am glad that could make a good progress on my studies and submissions – for the last 5 months I got 5 passes within 5 units.

This progress motivated and encouraged me to keep enlarging my professional skills. Currently I study Reward Management and enjoy the quality time that I spend on this.

The academic theories, practical illustrations within ICS e-textbook, tones of the most recent articles, surveys and guidelines in CIPD site along with active and quite fast support from tutors who have a great experience made my study enjoyable and efficient.

My plan for the future is to gain the international work experience in HRM and I am glad to share that during professional interviews that I had before the furlough has started, most have been interested in my CIPD qualification progress.

I can feel that the weight of HRM qualification is well recognised among international organisations.

So I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to others as today it is very vital for HR professionals to enlarge their skills and competencies.

The time of uncertainty has placed people in the tough situation therefore it is important to take advantage of free periods of time that we have currently by becoming stronger. The online qualification is the best placed for that as it allows to progress at work and at the same time to get the qualification from the world accredited body.


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