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CIPD Student Stories: Sheela Chander | CIPD Level 5 Review

Sheela Chander

CIPD Level 5 Diploma

Sheela was promoted to a HR role and needed to build her skills. That's why she studied a CIPD Level 5 Diploma, online.

I started my career with my present employer seventeen years ago. I joined as an Office Administrator and then was promoted to HR and Admin Manager but with no support, mentoring or training.

Further, since I had joined the company when it was newly set up, I was pulled in myriad directions. I was performing tasks like Finance, Accounts and Compliance apart from HR.

Even when the company grew to over twenty-five employees, my role remained divided, and HR did not get the focus that it deserved.

I was getting frustrated and demotivated at my job. I realized that I had to convince my company to allow me to drop all other tasks and carry out only HR and Administration duties. However, I was not completely confident of carrying out these tasks as I did not have any formal education in HR. 

It was then that I started looking out for professional courses in HR and realized that CIPD Level 5 Diploma was exactly the shot in the arm that my career required.

I researched all available study options, and, with my job and family responsibilities, I decided upon self-study and online classes as my best option. There were no deadlines and that suited me perfectly. I could pace myself as per my convenience.

ICS Learn stood out among the rest. Reviews were good and my first experience, when I reached out to them, was comforting.

There was no pressure, and they also offered a 14-day backout option. It’s been two months now and I have not regretted sticking to ICS Learn and CIPD. The course content is interesting, and I recently got feedback on the first assignments that I submitted. The feedback was detailed and very helpful.

With Q&A sessions, masterclass on every unit and plenty of online resources, I am really satisfied with my choice. I hope to complete the course well in time and look forward to receiving my diploma.

With the confidence of having started this course, I discussed my future with the Management and have already started preparing a new chapter in my career.

It was decided that I will hand over all miscellaneous duties to other departments and will concentrate only on HR. It feels like I am starting on a whole new career within the same organisation. Thanks to my CIPD membership, I also have the resources to excel at my career.

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