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CIPD Student Stories: Rhiannon Bennett | CIPD Level 7 Diploma Review

Rhiannon Bennet

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management.

Rhiannon wanted to pursue her passion for HR after university, and decided to study a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management.

My journey with ICS Learn began almost immediately after I’d concluded my undergraduate studies.

I was newly into my first HR role as an administrator and was keen to continue learning about a subject I loved, with the flexibility to continue in my new role. It wasn’t an insignificant decision in terms of which institute I would choose for this purpose, but after some fairly extensive research I settled on ICS Learn.

Personally, it was a combination of the clarity around the substance of the course I wanted and the graduate testimonies that solidified my decision.

In terms of course choice, this was an easy one for me.

I knew I wanted to get my chartered status with the CIPD, and a level 7 in Human Resource Management would get me there.

Equally, I knew the course would give me the theoretical standing to take my career to the next level. The online learning element did concern me at first, as I had never studied in that way before, and certainly never at the level I was intending.

However, these concerns quickly abated when I began studying. The combination of tutor support, clearly defined academic expectations and student forums meant the pros of online learning quickly outweighed the cons.

Additionally, the learning platform is very well set out, meaning becoming familiar with my course took no time at all.

I would say that motivation and routine are two things I struggled with as my course was entirely self-paced.

However, what started as a struggle soon turned into a learning curve and by the end of my studies, I know more about myself as a learner and felt a huge sense of pride. For me it was about setting myself clear, achievable goals and working on my studies ‘little and often’.

Finally, I’d encourage any remote learners to remember help is there when you need it, and it’s important you don’t struggle alone.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend ICS Learn as a learning provider and if I’m ever considering continuing my studies in the future, they will be my first port of call.

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