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CIPD Student Stories: Kate Perkins | CIPD Level 5 Diploma Review

Kate Perkins

CIPD Level 5 Diploma

Kate loved working with people so she decided to study an online CIPD Level 5 Diploma to kickstart her HR career. Here's how she got on.

My name is Kate Perkins and I work for a FTSE100 company within the real estate industry. I am currently studying the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources Management through ICS Learn.

My interest for a career in HR began after engaging with HR with a previous employer. I needed their support for a challenging situation and from this experience, I greatly admired their tact and skill.

Within my role at the time, I was the manager of a small team, so naturally there were often situations where I would need additional support or advice. I love working with people, empowering colleagues to be their best and even during the most difficult times, I enjoy being that person somebody else can lean on.

I saw the value that a HR department could bring over a range of situations I faced with my team, and wanted to know more.

Now curious about a career in HR, I approached a woman that supported me at work and wanted to know how she got to her position.

She informed me that she was currently studying her CIPD Level 7 with ICS Learn. This is when I started researching the CIPD, and decided to enrol the following month.

During a late night research into HR, all things CIPD and potential career paths, I found an opportunity for an HR Trainee with a real estate company in London. This role is an apprenticeship style and would offer a great balance of on the job experience as well as dedicated time to complete my qualification.

I successfully secured the role and began in the September.

I’m now mid-way through my CIPD Level 5 in HR Management and thoroughly enjoying the course. The content is detailed, extensive resources and ICS Learn have provided a great support.

The online chat is a great feature for even those ‘silly questions’! Online lessons are recorded, which is great to re-cap over topics when needed.

Even though I’m mid-way through, the qualification has elevated my knowledge and understanding of HR topics.

The study and work balance is going so well, that I’m actually on track for a more senior role once I have completed my qualification.

It has been several years since I completed any formal education so felt slightly apprehensive around remote studying, but ICS Learn has been a great support to overcome self-paced studying.

I would highly recommend anybody who is looking to take their HR career to the next step, to enrol and embrace everything that comes your way.

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