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CIPD Student Stories: Inayah Balikouzou | CIPD Level 5 Review

Inayah Balikouzou

CIPD Level 5

Inayah was eager for a career change. After much research she decided to enrol on a CIPD Level 5 Course with ICS Learn to elevate her new HR career. 

I worked for 15 years in retail as store manager. At some point, I wanted to change career.  I was really interested by my HR responsibilities, but I did not see myself going back to university to study this subject. Hence, I decided to do the CILEx Level 3 Diploma as I already had a French law degree. I then secured a job as paralegal in the family law.

My duties were very interesting but after 2 years, I knew this career path was not for me. I found out about the CIPD course and decided to go for it.

Before finishing my CIPD level 3 Diploma, I was recruited by Tesco as HR Advisor. I worked there for 2 years. I found my current position, HR Administrator Europe for an EAP provider.

I was eager to enrol for the CIPD Level 5 but the course was too expensive for me. I looked at student loans and payment plans, timetable, etc. but it didn't look like it was going to be possible.

One day whilst I was researching online for CIPD course providers, I stumbled onto the ICS Learn website. I looked at their courses, prices, reviews including those on Trustpilot, but it was still too expensive for me. A few weeks later, I checked their website again and noticed that there was a 25% promotional offer on CIPD courses, I called that day and enrolled on the course.

I’ve never studied remotely so I had some reservations about the level of support and the quality of the course work, however, I’m glad that I did not let this stop me as I've had a great experience so far.

I've found the support to be better than what I had when studying my Level 3 Certificate in College and I've found that the virtual learning platform is really user friendly.

I have yet to qualify but just enrolling has been enough to prove to my employer that I was serious about improving my skills and gaining more knowledge. The course has also helped me in my current position as I do more than just administrative tasks. I was also informed last week that I was being considered for an internal promotion. 

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to those who are working full-time, especially as flexibility is key.

Enhance your own HR career, just like Inayah, by enrolling on a 100% online CIPD course with ICS Learn. 

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