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CIPD Student Stories: Abbie Wright | CIPD Level 5 Review

Abbie Wright

CIPD Level 5

Abbie wanted to advance her career the flexible way, choosing us to study a CIPD Level 3 and a Level 5 qualification entirely online. 

I've completed the CIPD Level 3 Certificate and I'm currently enrolled on the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in People Management. I chose to study this course in order to progress in my career and gain the necessary knowledge required.

I chose ICS Learn as it was more accessible at this point in my life and career. I can learn distantly as well at my own pace, whilst working full time.

I also had heard great reviews in regards to ICS Learn, and I like that it's self-learning in the sense that you can study how you like to.

I did have reservations at first as I wasn’t too sure how accessible the tutors would be as well as online classes, however, it’s worked out for the best as I’m able to learn whenever and can do certain units quicker than others. It also supports my learning technique of self-learning.

All units were laid out clearly and tutor support was great. They all responded within 24 hours and gave great advice and feedback when required. Classes are also very thorough and the tutors ensure that you understand what was discussed but also make it known that they can be contacted with any questions.

When I first started, I was a Trainee HR Assistant, after completing an apprenticeship year and have worked my way up to Senior HR Administrator. My goal is to work my way up to an HR Adviser and eventually an HR Manager.

I would recommend ICS Learn as it has helped me on my career path as well as given me the opportunity to learn whenever I wanted. The support is great and everyone is helpful.

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