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The Transformation of Digital Learning

By Megan McNeill on 21 Apr 2021 Technology is changing - transforming - but what exactly does that mean? We tell you more about it here. Read More

6 Podcasts Every L&D Professional Should Listen To

By Megan McNeill on 20 Apr 2021 Interested in which L&D podcasts you should be listening to? Well, look no further! We've compiled a list of six unbeatable podcasts you should tune in to. Read More

UK L&D Salaries: How Much Can You Earn in L&D?

By Christopher Fear on 20 Apr 2021 How much can you earn in Learning and Development? Here’s a run down of some of the most common types of L&D jobs in the UK – and the salaries that they pay! Read More

What’s Changing in Talent Management?

By Jerome Joseph on 17 Mar 2021 How is the world of talent management changing? Jerome Joseph digs deeper into the topic. Read More

How to Reskill Your Team After COVID-19

By Christopher Fear on 5 Mar 2021 Businesses that adapt to challenging situations, thrive. Here's a simple guide about how to reskill your team after COVID-19 so that you can boost performance. Read More

CIPD Student Stories: Emma Del-Busso | CIPD Level 3 Review (L&D)

By ICS Learn on 22 Feb 2021 Emma wanted to enhance her L&D career, so after some research and a recommendation from her sister, she decided to enrol on a CIPD Level 3 course with us.  Read More

CIPD Student Stories: Abbie Hawthorn | CIPD Level 5 Review (L&D)

By ICS Learn on 15 Feb 2021 Abbie wanted to enhance her L&D skills and experience, so she decided to take on a flexible, online CIPD Level 5 Diploma with us. Read More

How Long Does a CIPD Qualification Take?

By Louise Reilly on 14 Jan 2021 Becoming CIPD qualified can drastically improve your career prospects in HR or L&D. Find out how long it takes to get the qualification that you want here. Read More
There are 53 items on 7 pages.