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How to Become an HR Manager

By Louise Reilly at 19 Nov 2019
Learn how to progress in your career by becoming an HR Manager. Find out about the role, including the skills and qualifications you'll need to succeed. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Helen | CIPD Level 7 Review

By ICS Learn at 18 Nov 2019
Helen has worked in HR since the 1980’s but didn’t have a professional qualification. She enrolled on a CIPD course to overcome the challenges of her role. Read More

3 Top Insights from the CIPD Labour Market Outlook

By Louise Reilly at 15 Nov 2019
Check out the top insights from the CIPD's Labour Market Outlook Report here. Find out what you should be doing to attract and retain your talent. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Amanda | Online CIM Level 4 Review

By ICS Learn at 13 Nov 2019
Our CIM student Amanda overcame some personal struggles to pass her Level 4 Certificate with distinction! Read More

5 Free HR Trello Templates That Will Revolutionise Your Role

By Louise Reilly at 13 Nov 2019
Trello is a free tool that can help you to track your time and progress towards tasks; find out how you can use this in your HR role with these templates. Read More

Where Could a CIPD Qualification Take You?

By Louise Reilly at 13 Nov 2019
Ever wondered how a CIPD qualification could boost your HR or L&D career? Check out the results of our annual CIPD graduate survey here. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Kameel | CIPD Level 3 Review

By ICS Learn at 11 Nov 2019
Kameel decided to embark on a career in HR for increased stability and better prospects. Find out how a CIPD qualification assisted in her development. Read More

Ladder vs. Lattice: The Pros and Cons of Two Major Career Paths

By ICS Learn at 7 Nov 2019
If you have your eye on a promotion, then you may envisage climbing the career ladder. However, the career lattice path may be more effective for you. Read More
There are 489 items on 62 pages.