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Create Your Own Printable HR Planner and Calendar 2022

How to Use PEEL Writing in Your Assignments

Lecturer and ICS Learn graduate, Rayhan, discusses the PEEL paragraph writing method. Read about how you can improve your writing style simply and quickly!

The Science of Setting Goals – and How to Achieve Them

Ever wondered how your brain sets - and achieves - goals? We delve into the fascinating science of how your brain sets goals, offering some tips for success.

Create Your Own Printable Study Planner and Calendar 2022

Download your free printable 2022 study planner that's tailored to your needs, including daily, weekly, monthly and assignment views!

Create Your Own Printable HR Planner and Calendar 2022

Save yourself some valuable time and print your own 2022 HR planner and calendar to keep track of your classes, assignments and study tasks.

The Benefits of Online Learning | Infographic

Online learning is a powerful tool. Discover the benefits for both learners and businesses alike with our handy infographic.