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Create Your Own Printable Study Planner and Calendar 2024

Whether it be online or in-person, when you enrol on a course it's always a good idea to take some time to plan out the months to come so that you can properly prepare for the work ahead. 

Creating and personalising a study planner gives you a great overview of how you'll be spending your time, making it the ultimate resource to keep you on top of your studies and on your way to success. 

Start your learning journey off right this year and get yourself organised with our all-new printable study planner and calendar for 2024!

Your free study planner comes jam-packed with pages where you can: 

  1. Record and manage your 2024 goals 
  2. Plan, track, and monitor your monthly objectives 
  3. Map out your daily plan of action
  4. Organise your studies on a month-to-month basis  
  5. Plan and track your weekly study sessions 
  6. Plan for assignments and exams 
  7. Set reminders and overview weekly tasks (Post-it size for your convenience!)
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If you're not yet convinced that you should take the time to download and customise your own study planner, here are a few more reasons why study planners are so effective and worth your while: 

1. They help define your goals
It's all well and good to have your goals in mind, but they come to life when you physically write them out. Seeing them in front of you every day will make them all the more real and keep you all the more inclined to reach them. 

2. They help keep you motivated 

When you take the time to plan out your study sessions and course work, you'll gain a lot of satisfaction from being able to check off daily tasks and monthly objectives, and eventually get the chance to see an overview of the progress you've made.

Trust us, once you see how far you've come, you'll want to keep going! 

3. They help you improve 

If for some reason you receive a lesser grade than you were expecting, a study planner can help you reflect, adjust, and streamline your study tactics. You can amend your schedule and see where it's best to pencil in more study time, helping you get to where you want to be in no time! 

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Regardless of what qualification you're studying or by which method you've chosen to study, creating a study plan that works for you is the key to your student success.

Download your FREE printable study planner and calendar here