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CIPD Student Stories: Lucy Johnson | CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma

Lucy Johnson

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development

Lucy wanted to made a switch from Education, to Learning and Development, as she was keen to stay in the Public Sector. Now, with the help of a CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in Learning and Development, she was able to do just that. Find out how she is getting on in her story below. 

I’ve just accepted a new job as a Learning & Development Trainer with a great company, after leaving the teaching profession which I’ve worked in for over 13 years.

After leaving education, I knew that I wanted to work in the private sector, but I still wanted top continue using the multiple skills I’d acquired as Head of Department in a secondary school.

I began some research into the types of careers out there that might be suitable for transitioning teachers, and this is when I first came across Learning & Development as a career on the CIPD website.

I was eager to start applying for jobs, but soon realised that although I had many transferable skills, I needed to learn many new ones and the CIPD Associate Diploma in Learning & Organisational Development seemed like a great choice.

I noticed ICS Learn was an accredited provider of this course, so I e-mailed them to ask for more information. I found their student services really helpful – they explained that I could start studying at Level 5 due to my past experience.

They also explained payment options, I really appreciate the fact that I can pay on a monthly basis as this made things a lot more affordable.

I’m currently only part way into my course (I’ve passed 2 modules with 6 more to go), and finding the aspect of studying online, at a pace that suits me, really great. 

I’m finding the whole system very user friendly, really flexible and the support is amazing.

The feedback from assessments has really allowed me to pinpoint areas for improvement and there is a wealth of information about how to write the assessments, and clear criteria too.

I love learning this way, because I’m very self-motivated but also have a busy life so I need to know that it’s ok if I sometimes have to go several weeks with no time for study.

Best of all, I’ve managed to secure a job in Learning & Development by utilising some of the skills I’ve learnt just in the first two modules!

When I complete the course, I hope to be able to progress even further in my career. I would wholeheartedly recommend ICS Learning to anybody wishing to study in a way which fits their lifestyle, and who appreciates strong support at all times.


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