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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Career in L&D

A career in Learning and Development (L&D) is an incredibly worthwhile and sought after career, one that has received a lot more attention by job seekers in recent years.

Without skilled L&D professionals to help align employees’ goals and objectives with that of the organisation, you’d be hard-pressed to find an effectively run business with both content and loyal employees.

If you’re interested in a career in the people profession, here are four reasons why you should choose a career in L&D.

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1. You’ll Get to Support People Development

The L&D function plays a central and essential role in any organisation, with a focus on providing job-related training to help employees develop and achieve their full potential.

As an L&D professional, you’ll be supporting people development every day by attracting and retaining talent, motivating and inspiring employees through continuous learning, and building on their existing skills and capabilities.

You’ll also be responsible for building a positive employer brand by implementing an effective L&D strategy, and help to create a values-based culture along with a sense of community in the workplace.

By catering to the needs of employees and making them feel safe, secure, and supported in their working lives, you’ll even be contributing to business targets by assisting in the delivery of increased employee engagement, retention, and ultimately, increased productivity.

When L&D has skilled, enthusiastic employees ready to jump in and assist staff in gaining the practical skills and knowledge they need to build long-term, successful careers, they empower them to achieve and exceed their goals, driving organisational success.

2. L&D is Ideal If You’re a People Person

It goes without saying that if you’re a people person, a career in Learning and Development could be very well suited to you.

On a daily basis, you’ll have the opportunity to work with people from different career backgrounds with varying personalities, from all walks of life. A huge bonus to this is that your environment will constantly be changing and (how exciting!) you’re unlikely to ever get bored.

Every person under your influence will have their own needs, goals, and drives. Younger staff, for example, might often be looking for development opportunities to earn more money and gain better benefits, while older generations might look for meaningful, age-inclusive, and sociable training to help them upskill and reskill.

So, if you enjoy interacting with new people, genuinely care about others, and thrive in environments where you can guide individuals to success in a way that best suits them, then you might just be a born people professional. 

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3. L&D is Great for Career Diversity and Growth

If you’re someone who can never be in one place for too long, L&D is a great career choice being that you can hop from one industry or sector to another quite seamlessly.

This is because, more often than not, the methods used to recruit and train people are similar across all industries, meaning you’ll have the ultimate set of transferable skills for experimenting in your role in various sectors without having to relaunch your career.

Companies big and small benefit from hiring people professionals who are passionate about what they do - no matter where in the world that might be - meaning this career path can take you places all around the world, enabling you to build your resume on a global scale.

This not only opens up doors for an incredible work-life balance, but also for salary increases, promotions, and the continual enhancement of your professional training expertise.

4. It’s Easy to Get Started in L&D

If you’re worried that a career in L&D is difficult to break into, we have some good news for you: it doesn’t have to be!

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the most respected HR and L&D organisation in the world, offering prestigious and internationally recognised qualifications that will give you the essential skills you need to get the ball rolling on your future in L&D.

They offer courses for every stage of your career, including the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice, which is the perfect place to start if you want to develop the skills you need to become a successful people professional.

Alternatively, there are options available at CIPD L&D Level 5 and CIPD L&D Level 7, which are ideal for those who already have experience in an L&D role or a related degree.

While you might be wondering how you can fit studying CIPD into your busy lifestyle, there are many online providers (us included!) that offer flexible online CIPD qualifications that you can study on your own time, at your own pace, shaping your training around your work, family, and life.

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In our current economic climate, the need for training and development is more in-demand than ever, so if you’re a great communicator who is interested in helping individuals develop their skills at work while making a positive impact in their lives and your own, then choosing a career in L&D is the perfect fit for you.

Discover how an online CIPD qualification with us can help you kickstart your career in L&D. Get your free online CIPD course guide today to get started.