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Student Stories: Jen Fryer | CIPD Level 7 Review

Jen Fryer

CIPD Level 7

Jen wanted to climb to the top of the career ladder, so she studied a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management.

I am currently working as a Talent Management Consultant in the HR team of a large engineering consultancy, having taken my final Level 7 CIPD exam in September 2020.

Completing a qualification via distance-learning with ICS Learn has provided me with ultimate flexibility which suits my lifestyle, especially as I am completing the qualification part-time alongside a full-time role and other commitments.

In this way, there have been some weekends where I could really dedicate myself and push through the context, however when other priorities needed to take precedence, it has meant that I could take a couple of days away from the content until things settle down.

This is typical of life’s ups and downs and being able to determine my own work pattern has really benefited my levels of motivation, engagement and wellbeing.

This has become even more impactful since the global pandemic, as I have been able to seamlessly continue with my online studies, with very little impact to my progress – this would have been more challenging had I been used to attending a college or university each week.

Throughout the whole of the course, I have been impressed with the level of tutor support, particularly at times when I was finding a topic challenging to grasp.

Tutors are available to students via email and always give the option for students to have a phone call with them to help them through their queries. In addition, I have received comprehensive feedback on any assignments that I have submitted which really helps progress throughout the module.

They really are experts in their field which has enabled me to develop my understanding of different areas of HR to that which I currently work in.

With this in mind, having completed my qualification, I am interested in seeking internal moves around the HR function to other areas – it’s fair to assume that I would not have necessarily considered this, had I not had a positive learning experience through my CIPD Level 7 qualification of these different areas.

It has certainly helped me broaden my horizons when I think about my future career plans.

I would recommend studying with ICS Learn to anyone who has passion, dedication and determination to complete a qualification to help you prosper in your career.

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