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Office Halloween Inspiration

With Halloween landing on a Tuesday this year, and hybrid working in full motion, it's fair to say that many of us will be spending the spookiest day of the year alongside our colleagues, in our workplaces! 

Halloween may have only been on your list of favourite holidays as a child (for obvious sweet related purposes), however, there's no reason as to why it can't be just as fun for adults, especially those who are working in shared offices! 

So, to get you in the scary spirit, we're going to provide you with the office Halloween inspiration you need to have both a fun, (and frightening!) day.

First and foremost, we all know that Halloween isn’t Halloween without dressing up! However, as much as we all want to get into the spirit, we know that there is work to be done, and meetings to be had. This means a Halloween costume that is office appropriate is your best bet, so we’ve gathered a few of our favourites below:

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The Pumpkin 

A well loved classic, and something that simply screams Halloween, is the pumpkin! A cult favourite, it’s super easy, versatile and very seasonally appropriate! With so many ways to get involved, some of our favourites include… 

A pumpkin mask - guaranteed to give your colleagues a chuckle, and something you could find fairly cheaply online, and is also super easy to take on and off! 

A pumpkin tie or bowtie - a more civilised but still great way to get involved, this one is ideal for those who potentially have external meetings all day, or those who need to be suited and booted for work.

Pumpkin all in one - and then there’s the full on costume for those who look great in orange! No-one could question your commitment if you arrived in the office in a full scale pumpkin costume, that’s for sure! 

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A Clown (non scary!)

Looking back at Halloween as a child, we’re sure there’s not many of us who haven’t dabbled in a bit of face paint! So much so, lots of us probably have some left over in our cupboards! 

And nothing says face paint, like a clown! Now, what could be seen as potentially risky, with 53% of the population admitting to their fear of clowns, there’s a great opportunity here to get really creative, and let your artistic flair shine! 

Without making too much of a mess of the bathroom sink, a clown costume really focuses on the face. So, you’ll need access to some inspirational photos, a steady hand and your paintbrushes at the ready, what might take a few tries to get right, this costume really is great for those who enjoy getting stuck in.

In terms of clothes, the only rule, unless you’re going for something a bit more sinister (which we probably wouldn’t recommend given the previously mentioned statistic!) is colour! Whether that be an old pair of dungarees and a brightly coloured shirt, some corduroy trousers and a funky shirt, it’s really up to you! 

You could opt for a blazer to give a more professional look, or even steal a pair of your dads old braces to really bring the costume together! To round off the classic clown costume, we think brogues or bright caterpillar boots are a great shoe choice, and comfy enough to wear all day long. 

If you are, however, one of the 53% that have a fear of clowns, you could opt for the scarecrow instead! Another costume which allows for plenty of face paint, don’t forget to include the classic sewn-up mouth, rosy red cheeks and your best straw hat. 

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Witches, or Wizards

Known as Samhain Eve to witches, which literally translates to the ‘end of summer’, Halloween is known to be an extremely important date in any witches calendar! What’s been a well loved costume over the years, you simply can’t go wrong when dressing up as a witch for Halloween, and on the plus side - it’s absolutely perfect for any workplace. 

As a way of dressing this costume idea up, why not get everyone involved, and commit to a group costume with a few of your colleagues. A coven, which is described as a community or group of witches, would make for a great photo opportunity (don't forget to share it on work socials!), and allows for as many people as interested to join in. 

Not to mention, it’s typically the cheapest of costumes to throw together as you can re-wear any of your black workwear that you already have in your wardrobe, with the obvious exception of a witches hat, cloak and broom that you will need to purchase (unless you already dabble in the dark arts in your down time).  

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A Skeleton 

If you’ve ever aspired to come to work in your pyjamas, then there's really no better time of year than Halloween to take full advantage of this! Although we should say, we aren’t actually talking about full scale pyjamas, but a pair of leggings and a black long-sleeve top - which in our opinion is just as comfy!

Introducing the skeleton, this is a costume that you can get your kids involved in making, and requires white cardboard, a black marker, scissors and safety pins. Simply, draw out stencils of the main skeleton frame, cut them out (or have your kids do this for you!) and insert a little hole into each corner of each stencil. Once completed, safely pin them onto your clothes when you’re in the office, making sure to avoid knees and elbows for a more comfortable look!

A great tip for making sure everything looks seamless, is to lay your clothes on a flat surface beforehand, and then place the card on top. This allows you to draw your stencils to size, and allows for a bit of a neater shape! It does give a more rustic look to your costume, and is one for the DIY lovers, but if you like getting involved and making your own costumes, then this one's for you!

However, if skeletons aren't your thing then the black leggings and top are super versatile, meaning you can throw on a pair of cat ears, a tail, blacken your nose, and you can be an all black cat instead! Very Halloween appropriate, and really easy to do.

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Now, once you’ve got your outfit sorted, the best way to set the mood and create that perfect spooky set-up, is to decorate your office, or perhaps just your desk if that’s more appropriate! 

There’s plenty of ways to do this, and fortunately it can be straightforward and pretty inexpensive - so there really is no excuse! If you’re limited time wise, or don’t have the capacity to make your own, plenty of online retailers sell decorations this time of year, as well as sweet treats and balloons.

Some places that we recommend are: Amazon, Etsy and Twinkl. Don’t forget that Pinterest is your best friend if you need any visual inspiration on how to dress up your office Halloween style! Remember, any decorations that you buy can be kept and used year on year, which is great not only for your finances, but much better for the environment. 

And last but not least, why not float the idea of a few games (or something a bit more low key!) to help celebrate the festivities. Taking a few hours out of the office day to have some fun with your colleagues is great for boosting morale, and a great way of getting to know those working with and around you. Some of our office favourites are: 

  • Dooking for apples
  • Listening to a spooky Spotify playlist
  • Hosting a best dressed costume competition
  • Decorating cakes and biscuits (Halloween style)
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Making Halloween themed mocktails

So, with Halloween now creeping up, it’s time to paint your face, gather your coven and dress for the occasion! 


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