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Mariyana Garabetova is an HR Consultant with PwC; she undertook an online Level 7 CIPD qualification to formalise her substantial HR experience.

I handpicked ICS Learn to study with after quite a bit of market research. I wanted the best price, but still an excellent provider.

I compared all main providers on the market with 4.5 reviews and above and then emailed all of them to ask for the cost, being mindful of hidden costs.

ICS Learn was the best priced compared to the level of support and they even gave me a discount!

I am doing a CIPD Level 7 qualification as I have been asked by almost all recruiters if I have the qualification despite doing the job for years. This absolutely gives you that stamp of approval as a HR professional and opens better job opportunities.

I am working full time and overtime, so when do I study? The answer is online.

ICS Learn has everything spelled out online for you. All you need to do is follow the steps.

The tutors have even done summaries of all you need to know in a page or two per subject matter.

I honestly did not open a single book as I found that the tutor summary hit the nail on the head, and I didn't have to waste my time doing tons of research and extra reading.

If something is not clear or you have a question, ICS Learn gives you the option to chat online. I will drop a line to the tutor, and they came back to you almost right away.

I was even able to arrange a phone call when I needed help.

This was surprising as all the tutors seem to be very senior professors.

When I walk into a meeting with client I now can say “I am Mariyana, and I am CIPD qualified”. This gives me credibility in front of clients.

I would say ICS Learn is great to do your CIPD qualification with.

I am very busy, and I like everything to be organised and easy to access. ICS Learn provided me that framework and structure as well as amazing support.


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