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ICS Learn Announces New CIPD Level 5 Fast Track Course

At ICS Learn, we’re constantly innovating and trying to find new ways to make our qualifications better suited to the needs of our students.

With this spirit of innovation in mind, we’re pleased to announce our new CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma Fast Track course, to enable you to gain your qualification faster than ever before.

What is the CIPD Level 5 Fast Track programme?

The CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma Fast Track is designed for people who want to gain their qualification quickly through online, self-guided study.

With a Fast Track course, you’ll cover the same content as you would in a normal CIPD Level 5 online qualification, except you’ll do so at a much faster pace. Your learning will be tied to an accelerated timeline, where you’ll be expected to study for around 8 to 10 hours each week and submit an assessment every 7 weeks.

This particular type of accelerated study is perfect for students who need to balance competing demands, like work or family commitments. It’s also well-suited to people who have a limited, but clearly defined amount of free time to devote to studying a qualification.

Accelerated study like this is also ideal if you’re tied to achieving a particular qualification for an upcoming opportunity, performance review or appraisal.

Of course, Fast Track study won’t be suited to everyone. It calls for a lot of commitment, motivation and organisation to ensure that you’re completing study and assignments on time and to the right standard. Most people will find that they can rise to the challenge though. The fact that you can complete the course and gain your CIPD Level 5 qualification faster than ever is more than enough reason to tackle it. 

With CIPD qualifications being used as an international benchmark by which employers assess the skills of candidates, having a CIPD Level 5 qualification is often a prerequisite for being considered for more intermediate level Human Resources and Learning and Development roles. This means that studying one is basically essential if you want to progress in the industry. With our new Fast Track study option, you can do that quicker than ever before. 

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3 ways to study the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR with ICS Learn

At ICS Learn, we offer a variety of different ways that you can study with us, so that you can find the study format best suited to your individual needs as a student. The three main ways that you can study the CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma at ICS Learn include:

100% online

One of the joys of studying a CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma with ICS Learn is the fact that it’s completely online. This means that you can benefit from a lot more flexibility in the way that you complete the course compared to other courses offered by other learning providers.

We’re pioneers when it comes to distance-learning, and we’ve been offering this type of learning for over 140 years. Nowadays, all of our courses are delivered 100% online and we’re experts when it comes to online study.

With online study, you access your course through the internet, work through your materials at your own pace and study whenever, wherever you want – with online study you aren’t tied down to the restrictions that physical, classroom-based study can feel like it has.

Fast Track

As we’ve mentioned above, Fast Track is perfect for students who are wanting to complete a full qualification in a shorter amount of time. It’s ideal if you need to get your CIPD Level 5 qualification very fast and you don’t want to be tied to the usual time scales of study. You’ll study everything that you would in a normal CIPD Level 5 qualification, except at an accelerated rate.

A shorter course

Did you know, we also offer a short-course version of the CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma, that allows you to study elements of the qualification without having to invest time and energy into studying all of it? This option is perfect if you already know the specific areas of your HR practice that you want to develop and you’re looking to expand your skills quickly, without wanting to enroll on the full course itself.

Although you won’t gain the full qualification when you’ve finished your short course, you will gain the same specialist knowledge that you would get from studying the whole course.

Fast Track your HR study

If you want to get your CIPD Level 5 qualification faster than ever before, you’re in luck. With our new Fast Track study option, you’ll be able to qualify in no time at all and target the next step in your career journey. If you’d like to find out more about our Fast Track option, give our dedicated course advisors a call on 0333 455 2163 and they’ll be able to advise you further. Good luck!

Develop your HR career with a Fast Track CIPD qualification that you can study 100% online. Get in touch with our course advisors today to learn more.

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