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CIPD Student Story: Dominik Nowak | CIPD Level 5 Diploma Review

Dominik Nowak chose to study his CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management with us online to gain the qualifications he needed to advance his career in the HR field.

I remember awaiting my French GCSE exam equivalent result in the warm July sun. I had finished high school or ‘lycée’ in France, and already had an idea of where I wanted to be in the near future.

It was to be linked with France for sure, as I had grown to understand and appreciate the country very much by that time.

However, the future turned out to be much different from what I expected. It threw me across Europe to different countries where, at some point, I decided to apply to a basic job in HR.

The responsibilities were quite straightforward, and my colleagues were welcoming and helpful. However, it seemed funny for me at the time that my literary studies were so different to what I turned out to be doing professionally.

As time went on, I moved across various roles within HR and was really enjoying the industry.

The only issue was that I was lacking the professional education that would certify and structure the knowledge that I have gained on the job.

Thinking about the different possibilities, one organisation’s name was always coming back: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

I knew that a CIPD diploma would be recognised worldwide as the organisation is a prime reference for any HR professional. Therefore, wherever I would be in the future, the CIPD diploma would always be an advantage.

Being that I was working full-time, a full-time education was not possible. I needed flexibility, and my manager at the time recommended ICS Learn. Soon after looking further into their organisation, I enroled for the CIPD Level 5 course.  

I really appreciated the help of the consultants and the very straightforward registration process. What’s more, the program was open to people with all types of education and work experience.

ICS Learn supports both professionals as well as people who are just starting out –  helping them to evolve, develop, and succeed.

Having worked in various HR positions for a few years already, I’d gained knowledge of different procedures, policies, and the legal regulations they were linked to.

Although the overall approach was similar in every company, some differences remained.

As my aim with the CIPD Level 5 course was to continue my professional development in HR. I knew that I needed to structure my knowledge and earn notoriety by confirming my knowledge and experience with an official document.

I chose ICS Learn as the education policy is clear and the pricing and payment plans are more than affordable.

As well, after logging into the online portal, I came to appreciate the user-friendly interface once all elements were clearly explained and distinguished.

The course units were written in an understandable language without too much professional jargon. Additionally, there were numerous supplementary sources provided (which is always a good thing to have).

Although I wasn't sure how it would feel to be ‘back to school’ after so long, I must say that thanks to the structure of the courses, the helpful staff, and great tutors, it was easier than I expected!

I have set an ambitious and achievable target for myself and can’t wait to finish the course.

Thank you, ICS Learn, for helping me make it possible.

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