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CIPD Student Stories: Terri-Anne Mckeown | CIPD Level 5 Review

Terri-Anne Mckeown

CIPD Level 5

Terri-Anne wanted a career change so she pursued her interest in HR by studying a CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management.

After working in recruitment for a little while, I wanted an exciting career change! I have always had an interest in HR and it seemed like a great transition as a lot of HR roles involve recruitment.

When I got put on furlough in the middle of the pandemic, I decided to make the most of the free time by starting the CIPD Level 5 HR course; the qualification that most HR management positions look for. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 4 months studying with ICS Learn and it has certainly helped to keep me sane and has given me purpose during this uncertain time! 

 When researching learning providers to undertake the course with, ICS Learn really stood out. Their team were very friendly, approachable and informative. They were the best value for money and even beat the cheapest quote I could find! They set up a very affordable monthly payment for the course too as I couldn’t afford to pay for it all upfront. 

"The support from ICS Learn and the tutors has been fantastic. There are tons of resources and information available for each assignment, and weekly classes to talk you through each assignment with the opportunity to ask questions."

- Terri-Anne Mckeown

The classes are also recorded so you can listen to them in your own time. There are also forums and the tutors answer any questions you may have efficiently. They also read through drafts of assignments and offer any advice before you submit them. 

The fact that I could complete the course online and at my own pace was brilliant, especially as all colleges shut down during the pandemic. I never found that this hindered my studies in any way and loved that I could work at whatever time of the day suited me.

I know other learning providers give date deadlines for each assignment which can be stressful and so I was grateful there were no specific deadlines with ICS Learn. 

The course has greatly improved my knowledge of HR and has helped me to understand what is required of me as a HR practitioner. During the course I contacted a local charity and started volunteering with their HR team to gain more internal experience.

They appreciated that I was using the time off to complete my CIPD Level 5 and volunteer with them and have since offered me a paid role with their HR team which I start next week!

I am excited to learn and grow with the charity using the knowledge I have learnt in the course to make a difference. 

Thank you ICS Learn for all your support! 

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