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CIPD Student Stories: Steve Barratt | CIPD Level 5 Diploma Review

Steve Barratt

CIPD Level 5

Steve wanted to build on his practical HR knowledge with a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources. Here's how his journey unfolded.

As far back as I can remember I have been involved within the retail sector. Currently I hold the position of Business Manager within a self storage provider operating in the Northwest.

During my managerial career spanning over 28 years working with and around people, I thought I had built a good level of Human Resource knowledge purely from a managerial position but not within the HR department.

I decided I wanted to build on this knowledge, clarify and simply know if actions/processes were just and valid within the area of HR.

Potentially developing myself through some form of course I thought would provide this clarity. After several weeks of reviewing and researching providers, I decided to contact ICS Learn.

I spoke directly with Paul, and to be honest he put me at ease quickly by answering all my questions and concerns. My main concerned was that I work fulltime and family orientated; I didn’t want to be under too much pressure to complete work and assignments etc.

I was assured by Paul that the whole course would work around me and my life style. With this in mind and the feedback I received during this call, I made the decision to start my CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources.

I’m currently 12 months into my diploma and have enjoyed every minute, although challenging (as you would expect). I’m also very happy I made the choice to use ICS Learn, their online learning format and modules are easy to use and navigate.

The online classes are of a high standard with again valued information to help you complete your assignments.

More importantly the tutors are extremely helpful and ultimately approachable. They give clear and valuable feedback and are very responsive to questions and giving advice.

Now, with only a few units of my course remaining I can say that I have gain a vast understanding of HR and how this area underpins the very performance of any business. What I thought I knew to what I now know is simply massive in contrast.

This whole experience has completely changed my perspective on my career future the opportunities and benefits this qualification will bring to me and the organisation.

Once I have completed my online course, it will allow me to implement my future plan utilising my new knowledge and diploma which will bring an increased opportunistic future.

Recommending ICS Learn? Most definitely, anyone with an aim of better themselves and gaining a qualification along the way must look into the vast areas ICS cover.

Personally I’m looking towards the online digital marketing course next. If anyone wants to learn and have the professional support they offer they will not go wrong.

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