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CIPD Student Stories: Rosanna Waggitt | CIPD Level 7 Review

Rosanna Waggitt

CIPD Level 7

Rosanna chose to study her CIPD Level 7 qualification to accelerate her budding career in Human Resources. Learn more about her experience with ICS Learn below.

After spending 10 years within Hospitality Management, I decided to make the jump that I had always wanted to do into HR.

After completing my CIPD Level 3 and 5 at college, I struggled with working full time and family life and balancing the commitment of a night a week plus extra study time, so I looked at distance learning courses to help give me the flexibility to learn at my own pace with my own deadlines and I’ve never looked back! 

"I picked ICS Learn to study because they not only have a fantastic reputation amongst other CIPD members, but they also have a repayment structure for everyone that helps make it more affordable and flexible than other distance learning providers."

- Rosanna Waggitt

Being with ICS Learn has enabled me to structure my own learning and study timetable around everything else that happens in life such as food shopping, working, childcare to work towards my CIPD Level 7 qualification. 

Even though at first I was apprehensive about whether I had the motivation to ensure I keep up with it, I’ve found I’ve been more motivated because it works around me. 

I have enjoyed the option for recorded and live webinars which I find really useful as I can watch them as many times as I need, which helps me go without the feeling of worry if I can’t attend I’m going to miss valuable information.

"My tutors and study material has been exceptional and the additional learning materials have made this course more enjoyable and my knowledge has grown extensively, in just a few short months!"

- Rosanna Waggitt

The quick communication with my tutors and the return of marked assessments have been so quick you don’t have time to think about the result you're waiting for.

I have now secured a role within HR and I'm currently working towards growing my skills and knowledge within my role to enable me to work towards my end goal.  After completing this could I would like to move into an HR Business Partner. 

I recommend ICS Learn so highly that my colleague has now signed up as well! From the initial inquiry to the enrolment to completing my modules has been stress-free. 

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