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CIPD Student Stories: Riya | CIPD Level 7 Diploma Review

Riya is studying our CIPD Level 7 qualification. She loves our unlimited tutor support and that she can shape the course around her busy schedule.


I’m currently studying the CIPD Level 7 course and I chose to study with ICS Learn as I have been away from the education sector for a while and felt it would enhance my skills without being too much pressure and also be good for me to enhance my English writing skills.

I did have some reservations about studying but not about ICS Learn, this was because I saw some great reviews and the online advisors and telephone advisors were super helpful and did not pressure me at all to sign up.

In fact, they were great and sent me a trial session which I thought was great!

The payment plan was super easy to set up and accommodated what worked for me!

The course content is quite intense, but the layout of the course and the actual online portal is easy to get around.

The tutor support has been amazing so far and I’ve had such quick responses which has been great!

My plans are to do the some more courses with ICS Learn at some point, not entirely sure when but I will be doing that to enhance my knowledge and secure myself a more senior role with added responsibilities.

I would recommend ICS Learn because they give you the time you need to make the decision without any added pressure as they understand it is a big commitment both academically and financially.

They also have some great courses and the schedule will fit around your own timings. It helps when you have kids or a family to look after or someone who depends on you.

ICS Learn have been great in their support and I feel as though I am learning so much without feeling overwhelmed.

The assignments are explained thoroughly and if you’re not sure you can pick up the phone or email your tutor.

ICS Learn have also been helpful in helping me get my TOTUM card which provides discounts at certain companies – so thank you!!


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