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CIPD Student Stories: Rachel Elizabeth | CIPD Level 7 Review

Rachel Elizabeth

CIPD Level 7

Rachel wanted to further advance her HR career, so she enrolled on an online CIPD Level 7 course to gain the knowledge and skills she required to progress.

My first course with ICS Learn was in fact my CIPD Level 3 back in 2016 and I am currently doing my Level 7 CIPD Diploma in Strategic People Management.

I chose ICS Learn to complete my Level 7 CIPD because I had such a good experience when I did my Level 3. I completed my Level 5 with a different provider which did not compare to ICS Learn. The ICS system is user friendly, easy to find your way around and visually appealing. It is set out so you can clearly plan your CIPD course and journey and the way that each unit is clearly broken down makes it easy to navigate and use whilst studying.

ICS Learn gives you the flexibility you need when working a full-time job alongside doing your studies, which is fantastic for someone in a busy job like me.

When I did my Level 3 CIPD I was initially worried about how I would stay motivated. As there is no face-to-face classes to go to or classroom time with online learning, I thought it would be easy to get very relaxed with the course, easily distracted and unmotivated easily.

However, ICS Learn make it so interactive and keep you motivated. I find it so easy with ICS Learn to go home and study most evenings as the content is interesting and engaging, so I knew I would be fine going into my Level 7 with ICS Learn.

So far in my Level 7, the course is fantastic. Each unit is so different which is what makes it so interesting. I love how ICS Learn give you the opportunity to choose your final unit so you can choose an area of HR that you are truly interested in and that you will enjoy learning.

The tutor support is incredible, the feedback they give you on your assignments is detailed and constructive whilst also being incredibly helpful to ensure you pass each one.

If you ever need support from them or have questions about your course or units, they will come back to you within good time and support you fully.

I have completely grown in my career thanks to completing each level of my CIPD.

All of the knowledge I have gained from my studies have helped me progress from a HR Assistant to a HR Coordinator, Employee Relations Specialist, HR Advisor, to now moving into my next role as a HR Business Partner in September. In the future my goal is to progress into either a Head of HR/HR Director role or take a huge leap and move out of HR to study to become an Employment Law Solicitor.

I would absolutely recommend ICS Learn. The flexibility and support you receive from them is fantastic. They support you in every way possible and they strive to ensure you pass your units first time.

The sign-up process to ICS Learn is seamless and easy, they take care of everything for you to ensure it is stress free. The system and website is easy to use and easily helps you navigate your way through your CIPD.

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