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Human Resources Student Stories:
CIPD Student Stories: Natalia Harvey | Level 5 | Associate Diploma in People Management

Natalia Harvey

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma

Inspired by the work of HR professionals, Natalia decides to enrol on a Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management

I am a law graduate who never was sure what I wanted to do post-university. Currently, as an administrative officer in the education sphere, I’ve been inspired by the work of the Human Resources team and I knew that I wanted to continue studying and learning. 

As a beginner in People Management, I've found that this course level is perfect for me as it's simple enough for me to gain the experience I need in this area, but challenging enough that I feel like I am developing. 

I've found this course to be perfectly suited to my lifestyle as I work full-time at home so being online is something I'm already used to and feel comfortable with.

I can study wherever I want and on whichever device I wish and I have felt really supported throughout. This online course gives me the flexibility I'm looking for as well as no pressure to attend physical classes.

Instead, I'm able to work at a pace that is suitable for me and I feel really happy that I'm now continuing my studies. ICS recommended that I study the Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management and from the course so far, I know the learnings will be really valuable to me and my career. 

I was at first hesitant to sign up for the Level 5 course online, however, the customer service advisors were very understanding and reassured me that the course would meet my expectations.

With constant support from the tutors and the discussion forums, I've felt in really good hands and have been impressed with the response times of the tutors. They are also always there to lend a hand and speak to, which I have found particularly helpful. 

I was worried that I would be left on my own with a new subject to study, however, this turned out to be completely untrue, solidifying my decision to study with ICS Learn. I would definitely recommend them as a learning provider to anyone who wishes to study in a straightforward and proactive way. I’m glad I chose to study with ICS Learn, they very much live up to their positive reviews online against other competitors. 


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