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CIPD Student Stories: Maeve Nixon | CIPD Level 3 & 5 Review

Maeve wanted to upskill and bring formal skills and knowledge to her role, so she took on a CIPD Level 3 Certificate followed by a Level 5 Diploma. Find out more about her positive experience with us below! 

I currently work as a project coordinator with many HR responsibilities. Due to fact the role incorporates many HR activities, I decided to complete a CIPD Level 3 Certificate with ICS Learn.

I immediately found the information I learned within my course incredibly helpful in my work. The support and information I received throughout were second to none and I was delighted when I received my qualification through the CIPD a few months after completion.

I now manage a small team and found the transition great, however, I wanted to ensure I could offer the team the best support.

After this course, I approached my employer about continuing my studies and we decided I would continue with the CIPD Level 5 Diploma. I was so thankful my employer sponsored me in my studies, and I am now roughly 4 months into the Level 5 course.

Having never gone to university I was slightly nervous about submitting my first assessment at this level. Thankfully, having put the hard work in and using all the relevant tips the course offers I managed to pass on my first attempt.

Although the material is more difficult at Level 5, the ongoing support has been maintained and I am progressing quickly.

My organisation is classed as an SME and because of our size, we receive three hours of free HR support through our local council. I recently got in touch with the HR department that was providing the support and found the HR advisor I was working with had recently completed the same CIPD Level 5 course I'm currently studying.

It was excellent to find that the course I am studying prepared this individual to do the job I hope to have one day. Additionally, when discussing with the HR advisor, the current organisational culture, policies, and procedures I have put in place within the organisation, I was delighted to be told that I am doing everything right from another people practitioner.

This showcased to me how well the CIPD Levels 3 & 5 have prepared me for the role. 

I'm overwhelmed with the amount I'm learning through this course and the level at which it has supported me in the strategic processes within my organisation. I would highly recommend these studies through ICS Learn. 

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