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CIPD Student Stories: Lucy Thompson | CIPD Level 5 Review

Lucy Thompson

CIPD Level 5

Lucy had plenty of HR experience, but when she came to the UK she decided to enrol on a CIPD Level 5 Diploma to get ahead in a new working landscape. Read more about her story below. 

I started my career in HR about 5 years ago in Australia and completed an Australian HR qualification. Since then, I have moved to the UK and quickly realised that a CIPD qualification is essential to have in order to land and progress a career in HR. 

I’ve been working full time as an HR Administrator at a Logistics company for over 2 years and enroled on the ICS Learn CIPD Level 5 Diploma about 8 months ago.

I chose this qualification to increase my HR skills, wanting to especially develop my knowledge of UK laws and regulations, as this was something I wasn’t very familiar with.

I’ve studied online before and I did find it quite difficult juggling a full time job and having the self-discipline to set time aside to study, but after doing a lot of research on various distance learning providers, ICS Learn made me feel at ease due to the recommended study hours a week and the generous amount of time that they allowed you to complete the entire course! Compared to other providers.

"ICS Learn had the best reviews, offered the most flexibility, had the best price and payment plan options and the course advisors were so helpful and friendly!"

- Lucy Thompson

The system is very easy to use and navigate around. You can talk to other students and attend online classrooms where the tutors thoroughly explain the assessments and answer any questions or queries.

The online messaging system to the tutors is great and so simple to use. The tutors reply promptly, which is brilliant so then you can get on with your assessment straight away.

Since studying my CIPD, I have taken on extra duties at work and gained more responsibility. I only have 2 more modules to go and cannot wait to finish my course and see how my HR career develops! 

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