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CIPD Student Stories: Lisa Lowe | CIPD Level 3 Review

Lisa Lowe

CIPD Level 3

Lisa was hesitant about online study, but when she studied her CIPD Level 3 HR qualification online with us she was pleasantly surprised. Find out more about her story below. 

I decided to study CIPD Level 3 Diploma qualification to further my career. I currently work in the energy industry; my role has given me a brief insight into HR services which has given me a desire to pursue this as a career.

I chose to study with ICS Learn after researching them online reading some of their amazing reviews. I called the ICS Learn team and spoke to a very helpful lady who talked me through the different courses available for HR and the different payment options.

"I was very impressed with the flexibility of their payment plans as some other course providers want all of half of the course fees paid at the start of your course."

- Lisa Lowe

ICS Learn explained the timescale for completion, answered the questions I had, and explained that I can work it around my job - which was a massive bonus for me as there is no pressure that we must complete a certain number of hours each day/week.

I was a little apprehensive about online study as I felt maybe the support wouldn’t be the same as you would get with face-to-face learning and perhaps it wouldn’t match my learning style, but I was wrong.

I was nervous when submitting my first assessment however, the calibre of the feedback given gave me confidence that I could achieve my goal. My tutor's feedback was very thorough she also offered to call me to discuss any questions I may have had.

"I've found the course very informative and easy to follow. When I have made contact with the support team or my tutor, my experience has always been positive."

- Lisa Lowe

I particularly found my first tutor extremely helpful; her feedback on my submissions was very clear, motivating and easy for me to understand, allowing me to ensure that my next submission was much stronger. The feedback I have received has been invaluable to me as I progressed through my studies.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn to others as I have personally had a positive experience with them. The course and material is easy to follow.

ICS Learn have given me confidence in my decision making and I feel it has strengthened the value I add to my current role.

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