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CIPD Student Stories: Kristin Leineke | CIPD Level 5 Review

Kristin Leineke

CIPD Level 5

After moving to the UK, Kristin enrolled on a CIPD Level 5 qualification to help her get more acquainted with people practice and employment laws in the UK.

I started my course with ICS Learn a couple of months ago when my partner and I decided to move to the UK. I am from the US, and I have been working in Canada as an HR Manager for the last year. I wanted to take this course to get more acquainted with people practice and employment laws in the UK, so that I was best prepared to undertake employment here.

I chose ICS Learn because of how responsive and informative their staff were when I inquired about the qualification and because it was available fully online.

I am currently earning my Level 5 Diploma in People Management and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The content is relatable to my previous work experience, but I feel like it is already elevating my knowledge and helping me to develop my people practice skills even further.

Being fully online is perfect for me because I started this course outside of the UK, and I love that I can work at my own pace and manage my time in a way that best suits me.

Having access to ICS Learn tutors and community chat boards with other students have been extremely helpful, and I have never felt alone in this process.

As a people practitioner my aim has always been to help provide employees with a healthy, rewarding work environment. I love working with organisations to help improve their employee experience and develop a positive company culture, and it is my hope to take my career further in this direction.

I already feel that I am gaining more knowledge and capabilities in these areas, and I believe that with this qualification I will become a more proficient people practitioner and gain the confidence needed to take on the challenges in this field.

I am excited to see where this journey takes me and very happy to have the support of the ICS Learn staff along the way!

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