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CIPD Student Stories: Jamila Fadhil Al-Amry | CIPD Level 7 Review

Jamila Fadhil Al-Amry

CIPD Level 7

Jamila wanted to enhance her knowledge and skills in the people profession to advance her career, so she decided to take on both CIPD HR and L&D qualifications to get ahead. Find out more about her story below.

I have previously completed the CIPD Level 3 qualification followed by the CIPD Level 5 qualifications in HR and CIPD level 5 Learning and Development.

CIPD enhanced my skills in my professional career, and I believe that CIPD qualifications are the gold standard professional qualifications in Human Resources

I chose to study with ICS Learn because my friend recommended me, and I found them to be excellent in customer service and very supportive. I have since recommended ICS Learn to some family and friends as I found them to be very professional.

The online class shapes around my personal commitments rather than attending class or traveling all the time to attend class. Moreover, flexibility is important for me when it comes to learning and ICS Learn allows me to learn whenever I want - this can be weekdays, evenings, or weekends. 

I found ICS Learn's advisors and tutors to be not only professional but also supportive and caring about their students. This has helped me to balance my profession, personal life as well as my studies.

I am currently in the last module of my course and I'm enjoying my studies with ICS Learn. I'm fascinated with each module. Most of the tutors are very interesting and make me eager to listen and provided us with real-time examples so I can understand better.

I have no doubt that if I choose to take an online course again that I will enrol with ICS Learn. I am planning to sign up for ICS Learn's CIPD Level 7 in Learning and Development after completion of the current course.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn due to their professional, supportive, and caring attitude towards their students.

Their website is also very user-friendly and whenever there is an update, students are notified and there will also be tutorials.

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