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CIPD Student Stories: Geoff | CIPD Level 5 Diploma Review

Geoff Wakefield

CIPD Level 5 Diploma

Geoff wanted to improve his job chances so he studied a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management to broaden his HR skills. 

My name is Geoff Wakefield. My current job title is Credit Risk Analyst – Governance with Metro Bank PLC in the UK.

Having started back in March 2020, I am studying for my Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management through ICS Learn. I chose this course for three reasons.

At the time I began my studies I was unemployed and was seeking a qualification that would make me a more marketable job candidate here in the UK, having had limited experience on the island!

I wanted to broaden and refresh my understanding of Human Resource Management having obtained my Degree in Organisational Psychology, in South Africa nearly a decade ago.

I specifically chose this course because my knowledge of the Human Resource sector is based on the South African context as that is where I am originally from. I wanted to gain a better understanding of the UK landscape in terms of HRM.

"ICS Learn was my institution of choice because of the flexibility they provide you in the programme. It is also affordable in the long run and the reviews of the programme were top notch when I was looking into doing the course."

- Geoff Wakefield

Having never embarked on an online learning journey before and having been out of the learning space for a LOOONG time I was quite intimidated as to how I would manage my time if I got a job (Which I did in May 2020) and how accessible the support for the programme would be.

While I am still getting to grips with my time management, the support from ICS Learn has been amazing! My fears about academic and administrative support have been completely unfounded.

While I have not completed my course yet It has already helped me find a job during COVID-19 lockdown and it can only enhance my available skill-set when I do look to move up the corporate ladder in the next 6months – a year. My hoping being to move into the People business area or up within the Prudential Risk function that I am currently in.

If you are looking for an affordable, accessible and supportive course and organisation to advance your career, be it in HR or other areas, you will not go wrong with ICS Learn!

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