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CIPD Student Stories: Fazila Asgarova | CIPD Level 5 Diploma Review

Fazila Asgarova

CIPD Level 5 Diploma

Fazila decided to study a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Associate Diploma in People Management to develop her HR skills. 

Success is not a polished story. I always believed that one should not be afraid to show his/her own vulnerabilities because it makes one more human and more relatable, and it makes the success seem more achievable for others, too.

I started my career in HR about 20 years ago in an international bank.

My background was communications specialist but over time I came to understand that the speaking and understanding skills of mine can benefit the organization more in the people management part of it.

I started taking part in the projects that related to change projects. Soon after that I proved to be quite good at communicating changes and progress within the organization. A year later I was rotated to HR department.

I started working in different divisions of HR, from Talent Management, to Learning and Development. My main objective at that time was to be the part of every segment of Human Resources discipline in order to better understand the needs and requirements that are part of the HRM.

"I have decided to study a CIPD course as I strongly believe that it will improve my knowledge on modern HR trends in quickly changing business world."

- Fazila Asgarova

Recently I have got enrolled to CIPD Level 5, and I have chosen ICS Learn because it provides a convenient platform for me with my working schedule.

I hope this qualification helps me to get my future HR career plans.

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