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CIPD Student Stories: Diana Teixeira | CIPD Level 5 Review

Diana Teixeira

CIPD Level 5

Originally from a science background, Diana decided she wanted to enhance her skills in her current role and chose to pursue a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR to do so. Find out more about her learning journey with us below! 

I have decided to do my studies using ICS Learn as I have so many good references about them from personal friends. Moreover, their online reputation is fantastic, and their finances are on point!

Also, ICS Learn give me the opportunity to learn at my own pace and take my time to do all tasks required, this is essential for me as I work full time. They have great professionals tutors in the area that have helped me to achieve my goals and guide me.

Currently, I’m working as a Business Coordinator in a start-up, and as part of my job I'm in charge of all staff needs, on-boarding, off-boarding, all types of leaves, staff policies, healthcare, etc. It's a very dynamic and complex job.

"My background is in Science, I hold a Master's Degree in Solar Windows and a PhD in Nano Materials, however, I realize that I really like to work beside people and help, them, therefore, I have decided to start a new career in the Human Resources area."

- Diana Teixeira

This qualification will help me to be on track on the new career path that I have decided to pursue, also, this qualification will help me to progress in my company and give me the right skills to do a better job.

I will definitely recommend ICS Learn to everyone; it's a great institution and will help you achieve your career goals, and the best thing these days is that it is all remote! You avoid going out and be at risk of getting sick, but you still get forums to discuss with other students and share experiences.

My plan is to complete this qualification and subsequently enroll in the final and highest qualification of HR that is also offered by ICS Learn.

Thanks to the team for this great opportunity!

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