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CIPD Student Stories: Claire Rigby | Level 5 Review

Through difficult times, Claire successfully gained her Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management with the support and flexibility of her tutors. 

I started working in HR administration part time alongside my accounting job and discovered a real passion for it, and made the decision that I know longer wanted to work in accounts but wanted to be a full time HR professional.

I have a real passion for people and wanted to be able to turn that into a rewarding career, I felt the only way to do this was to gain a recognised qualification to support my practical knowledge.

So a few years ago I decided to study with ICS for my CIPD Level 5 Human Resource Management Diploma to improve my chances of gaining a higher level position, as I was finding it difficult to get a pay increase or more senior position.

I chose ICS partly because of its reputation, but mainly due to the flexibility because I worked full-time and was planning a wedding.

I undertook my studies and due to the wedding I didn’t progress as quickly as intended because my excited mind was elsewhere, however, I intended to make up for lost time after I got married. 

Unfortunately, life had different ideas. Following my wedding and whilst I was still studying, I found out my dad was terminally ill which made studying more difficult.

He struggled for a long time between tests and treatments and making time to be with him, I found juggling work and studying hard.

I was really worried about losing out on my qualification because I hadn’t been able to concentrate or find the time to study. I was falling behind and my study support period end was looming, I was stressed and in bits.

I reached out to my tutors and ICS were great, they were very flexible and helped with my queries regarding extensions.

I also made silly mistakes when my mind was elsewhere and I struggled to absorb certain things, however, the feedback from the tutors was always constructive and clear and helped me find my way again and I eventually completed the course.

Unfortunately, by the time I completed the course, my dad had passed away, but I know he would be proud as he always instilled a strong work ethic in us.

Achieving my Level 5 Diploma helped me secure a better job, increased my salary and I am now a HR Manager overseeing three separate sites.

It also greatly helped to boost my confidence, so much so, I have now started my CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management to help build on the skills I currently have.

I'm hopeful I'll be able to continue climbing the career ladder and so far I'm really enjoying the course. 

Choosing to study with ICS Learn was a no brainer due to the easy to navigate systems, incredible tutors and the first-class support. I would recommend them to anyone.

If you'd like to take the plunge and enrol on one of our courses, reach out to our course advisors today. 

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